{21.40 Meditation} Completion & the Next One: Eyeglass Traatik for Irritation

Oh how glad I am that this week we finished the See Your Horizon meditation. We finished February 14th, ironically. {Follow me on IG for up to the minute updates}

It brought up some really interesting and illuminating things in my inner life. My heart hurts a lot right now. I am glad that we are moving onto a new meditation and I am also a bit scared.

These meditations are so powerful at shaking things up inside and so potent in changing the way we perceive the world. This next one might be challenging. It’s always hard to pre-judge because we don’t know how a meditation will impact us until we do it.

All I know is that in the first three meditations, it’s turned out the 21 Stages of Meditation is more potent than I thought it would be! I was like “I have nothing else to do and I need inspiration!” and then we began and I was like “HOLY MOLEY WE HAVE SHIFTS HAPPENING! ALL SPIRIT, BODY, AND MIND ON DECK! THANK YOU!”.

While I am still in process from the last meditation I am going to continue with the next meditation. The first 4 meditations inside of each journey of 7 meditations are setting our inner capacity to hold and sustain the more ecstatic nature of the last three meditations in a set.

Here’s the next meditation challenge: 

Stage: Irritation

Meditation: Eyeglass Traatik

Official Start Date: February 18, 2018

Get the video here.

Get the PDF: Eyeglass Traatik

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{21.40 Meditation Challenge} Day 37

I am back into resistance with this meditation again. I am SO excited that we are almost done this challenge! Woo-hoo!

It’s been great. But this meditation has created a bit of upheaval in my personal life that I’m simultaneously happy and not happy with. I am happy because of the unveiling what was not working and possibly I was ignoring. Not happy because, well, it’s painful sometimes. It’s emotional. It’s a launch into change, the unknown.

That is something that meditation does. It makes you much more comfortable with the unknown. It gives you awareness that there’s only a certain level of control that you have in the world. The control is who you are and how you respond to things. There’s not much more to control but that.

You are where you are precisely because of the complex universal laws that inherently run everything in the Universe. Those laws acted in a direct response to your soul or your karmas or dharma.

As I’ve gone along my meditative journey I’ve come to realize that I am in the exactly right spot at the exact right time always. Prayer calls in more aligned experiences and can help get rid of karma. Opportunities can be cultivated. Choices are presented and made. I trust the journey.

Learn to be comfortable in the unknown of change.

Happy meditating!



{21.40 Meditation Challenge Day 29} See Your Horizons

I went through my resistance to the process and now I am back on track. I am back to loving this meditations feeling and I am also feeling lost in life. I still have all these wonderful ideas, and I feel my self-confidence is growing by the day, however, in my personal life I feel lost.

And I don’t know what is going on. The past week and a half almost two weeks now I have been in a whirlwind of emotions and realizations and breakthroughs. I have an immense amount of anger and fear.

I am feeling so much that I have to remind myself to tread slowly and wisely.

I need to be smart.

I need to have a strategy in place.

I need to continue the process, and trust the process.

The more I meditate the more becomes unveiled, and the more shows up to me.

My journal is again my best friend, and I will be going to counselling to help me process the overwhelming amount of anger and other feels I have.

Sometimes this is what happens in our practice: We surrender to the process and it changes everything. Then we have the soul side saying “Here’s the big picture of what’s happening.” while we have the human side going into all the feelings and emotions and processing all of it. It’s hard to balance sometimes, especially in our busy lives.

I’ve learned that I am worth investing in. And that its worth investing in the right help at the right times. Right now I need an extra ear to help with all the processing of the feelings I didn’t know I had until about a week or two ago.

The more I think about them and process them the more I discover about myself, my life and my decisions.

I still love the feeling of this meditation but it is giving me really unexpected gifts. All of these insights came after I went through the resistance in the meditation. Going through the resistance definitely has its rewards – and challenges.

Trust the process.

Trust yourself.

Love you.

P.S. What’s your experience with this meditation?


{21.40 Meditation Challenge } Day 22 – Gifts of Resistance

This week has been pretty interesting in my internal and external world.

I’ve noticed a lot more resistance inside my meditation practice which I find interesting. The earlier I do it in the day the better it is. Otherwise, I have found myself putting of the meditation later and later and later. Which is odd, because I was loving it until one day I was just like “Ugh.”

There are two ways that resistance works. Resistance can be a sign that you’ve received what you need from the meditation. Or it can be that your ego is creating resistance to the changes you are bringing into your psyche. Both types are very distinctive in the way they feel. When you experience resistance you can ask it, while you are meditating, “Does this resistance mean I am complete with this meditation right now?”.

If you get a yes, let go of this practice.

These practices are deep work.

Sometimes the resistance is part of your subconscious protecting you from something that one day you will deal with when you are ready. Until then, there are other meditations and other ways you can shift your life that are probably more in alignment to what you need right now.

If you get no answer, or a distinct feeling that you need to keep going, keep going. This is the best possible place to experience the resistance to whatever change is happening inside of your psyche. And you know what?

I guarantee you that the resistance you experience in your meditation you are experiencing out in your life somewhere, probably not evening noticing it. It is in your meditation practice that you can do the hard work of transmuting the resistance to something higher: a lesson, a hope, healing, love, maturity, whatever its higher form is.

The latter resistance is what I have been experiencing. It’s not easy to show up every day when you don’t want to. It’s not easy to do something for even ten or fifteen minutes when your mind is telling you to be everywhere else and that there are so many things to do – often, in reality, distractions.

It takes commitment to your personal growth and to your practice to show up every day and still sit down and do the meditation. It takes faith in the practice that it is shifting you. It takes will power to keep yourself still despite all the distractions around us.

These things are beautiful qualities that you cultivate the more you choose to do you, and be you. Each time you meditate through the resistance, know, you are giving yourself a gift that brings with it so much transformation and power.

Kudos to you, beautiful soul.

As Yogi B says, “keep up and you will be kept up”.

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{21.40 Meditation Challenge} See Your Horizon Day 15

Well, we are 15 days into the meditation challenge and I am still just loving this one! I feel so light and dreamy after I do it.

I’ve started to note in my journal the following:

  • Ideas flow more easily to me, and they all appear to be quite fantastic
  • Confirmation of the ideas that I have that I think I could pull off
  • A sense of growing confidence in myself and the ideas I have
  • As of the last couple of days a growing understanding of the timeline of said ideas and making them a reality AND comfort with the timeline
  • There’s no sense to rush to complete the ideas. It’s more an understanding that the ideas I want most can – and will – happen with my confidence and dreaming mind.

Despite all these great things I find that outside of the meditation time I’m like “How will I ever do half of these wonderful ideas?”. Inside meditation time I’m like “Oh my god. This is SO FREAKIN’ POSSIBLE! OMG! I HAVE A PLAN!”.

I think this meditation is really beneficial for people who are super creative and have trouble completing projects because of all the ideas they constantly are getting. In the meditation, when I see the timeline, the projects become ordered and building on one another so they eventually support themselves and the next thing. It’s actually really cool. I’ve been making notes in my journal on the timeline because I find it just gives my mind a chill out pill.

“Look mind, we talked to the Soul, and the Soul indicates we do it in this order because this makes sense in the bigger picture. Got it?”

Mind, begrudgingly, “Fine. If you say so. Jerk. OOO! Shiny thing!”

I do have these conversations in my head often, so just thought I’d share that with you. See! Confidence building happens in this meditation! It’s so cool!

If you aren’t on the newsletter list, I sent this quote out that I absolutely love from Yogi B. It’s in the 21 Stages of Meditation book:

“Everybody wants to be in samaadhi. They see this as the ultimate, perfect stage of the Perfect One. But do you know the truth of that state? It is a complete living infinite boredom. I do not understand what these people are doing. What is samaadhi? That is an absolute stage of boredom in which Almighty God was, which is why He created the Earth and all this creation.

… You are a light of God;  God created the Universe out of boredom. He couldn’t remain bored. So how, when the One who cannot be bored, can His unit of creation – you – possibly be bored?”

I just love thinking about the Universe being so bored but feeling so good that the Universe was like “I GOTTA MAKE ALL THE THINGS TO ENTERTAIN ME!”.

One of the meditations we do much later in this course is a meditation specifically designed for us to enter the state samaadhi. It works. I did it in our last teacher training for these meditations and I loved it. It was one of my favorites, but it was also not the last meditation. There are more stages to go through, more states of consciousness to live from, more places to be than samaadhi. And those stages are pretty great.

I feel like this meditation and this phase really starts the prep in our neurology and our thinking to enter into states of happiness, joy and samaadhi. This excites me so much!

Remember, it’s never too late to join us and to start meditating.

Even 2 weeks of meditation changes how you experience life. 40 days just means the seed of consciousness from this meditation is firmly planted in your consciousness and can grow with proper love and care. Join the challenge here, and stay in touch by signing up for my newsletter below. I touch base once a week there.

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{21.40 Meditation Challenge #2} See Your Horizon Day 8

Dreamy. Spacious. Expansion. Creative.

Those are the words I would use to describe my experiences with this meditation so far. Every time I leave the meditation I feel happy, gentle, and spacious. I feel like I am floating and I more present than I was when I first sat down to meditate.

This meditation is so enjoyable for me I look forward to doing it every day. Some days I find it easier than others for sure. My mind races as I begin, but usually after the meditation I feel restored to myself again.

Sometimes I can feel the tingling in my hands and my head. Sometimes I can feel the energy in my spine shoot up as I pull tight the mulbandh. Often I feel the heat in my head and energy moving around my crown energy.

I did some experimenting with the meditation too. I really like doing this meditation on my lunch break at work, and I really like doing it right before bed. I notice when I do it at work, my day is less stressful in general, and I feel happier. When I do it right before bed I notice I have vivid dreams. The first time I did it immediately before bed I had a dream about my personal dharma!

I also notice while I meditate I get a lot of ideas passing in and out of my head. I feel like my subconscious mind gets sorted really quickly and leaves behind the good ideas to move forward with in my life. It’s very interesting.

I think it does that because it is the meditation that is to move us out of the boredom stage – it opens up your mind and soul to the implementation of who you are.

How is this practice for you?

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{21.40 Meditation Challenge} #2 Day 1 – See Your Horizons

I must deeply apologize. This week has been like my own personal mercury retrograde – every electronic this week has had some sort of problem – and the video was not available until today. Again, I apologize.So let’s start the challenge today, January 6th. 

The meditation for the second stage is called “See Your Horizon”. It’s not often taught – I can’t find copies of it anywhere, so I created my own PDF based on the book “The 21 Stages of Meditation” upon which this challenge is based.

Here is the video. 
Click here for the tune in sheet.
And here for a suggested meditation tracker.

This meditation is meant to conquer boredom. It changes the way we perceive boredom and teaches us to be in touch with our deepest Self.

The meditation has several parts to it, and is quite long when it is practiced for the full length of time recommended. I would totally do the full time, if I could fit it into my schedule because I really like the state this meditation puts me into.


I’ve reduced the meditation time to reflect a busy life schedule in the video I’m sending you (the PDF has the original times listed). The total meditation time is about 15-20 minutes though the video is a wee bit longer due to intros & outros. 🙂

Online classes will be taught Wednesday evenings at 8 pm PST starting January 10th until February 10th. So mark your calendars to meditate together!

The last day of this challenge is Monday, February 15th. 

There are no in-person classes for this challenge.

I am using Nirinjan Kaurs Rakhe Rakhanhar to meditate with in the main section as it is the song  recommended.

As always, I recommend you journal after your practice so you can see the results happening in your day to day life. I love hearing about your journey and practice – feel free to hit reply.

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Happy Meditating! Thanks again for your patience.



{21.40 Meditation Challenge} Completion & Happy New Year!

I want to wish you all a happy new year! May the new year bring you all the goodness, revelations and learning you crave for!

The holidays totally swept me off my feet with the busyness of it all, and it was a challenge to keep up meditating and posting here, so before we close off the year, here is the update for the first 21.40 Meditation challenge we wrapped up on December 29th.

Meditation: Meditation to Conquer Upset
Length: 11 minutes, 40 days

I really did not like this meditation. I didn’t like the feeling. I didn’t like doing it. I found myself frequently avoiding this meditation and procrastinating it. My husband said this meditation seemed to make me more irritable.

I found the meditation was definitely moving energy. Every time I sat through it I could feel the energy rising in my spine and my hands would vibrate. I would end the meditation in an altered state. And even though there was this super cool effect I didn’t like doing the work with the meditation. This is a tell-tale sign to me that this meditation is good for me, and to return at a later date. I have some work to do with the energy this meditation instigates for me.

Big realizations for me was how I use being upset as a power play (inherited family dynamic) and this awareness has shifted the way I think about being upset, and how I choose to be when I am upset. I am still figuring this out though. This is a process of witness, evaluation, and choice. Sometimes I shift my energy successfully and sometimes I don’t. I think I also became more aware of things that actually cause me distress – usually mentally – and that I need to make shifts in dealing with these things so I can be more calm and happy.

Overall, this meditation was a success! I am really looking forward to our next one, “See Your Horizon” which is about conquering boredom. Starts January 3rd with an online class. Sign up to my email list if you want to  join and get the details.

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{21.40 Meditation Challenge} Day 28 Update

Day 28.


This is the spot where, most of the time, I feel like a lot of the hard work is starting to come to a close. A habit has been forming and is getting established by now. The big changes the meditation is instigating are also taking form at this point. After about Day 32 we will be in the sweet, sweet home run stretch of our first meditation challenge! Yay!

For me, this meditation has been very quiet in the way it effects me. Thus far I have noticed the following:

  • I went through 2 weeks of having a very short temper with those closest to me. Then went through 2 weeks of having a short temper with those not so close to me.
  • My husband and I are tiff frequently, however, we are also able to have conversations we weren’t able to previously.
  • I realized how much energy it takes to be upset all the time. It’s actually quite exhausting to be upset, or in the victim state.
  • I began to ask myself the question when I am upset, “Am I loosing my power being upset now?”. Invariably, the answer was yes, so I follow up with “How can I shift this so I am in my power?”. There’s always an answer, though sometimes it bends my mind a bit, because often it’s reworking my ego.
  • This meditation seems to do three things: show you how you are wired for being victim/upset/angry and give you the opportunity to shift it, work out old wounds that create an unconscious upset/victim/angry status within yourself, and give expression to what you are currently unhappy with and why.

Even doing just 11 minutes a day I can feel it shifting me nearly instantly when I sit to do it. I move into place with the straight back, chin tucked in, hands in the mudra, and change with the visualization. That quickly spurs the solid feeling of the energy tingling its way up my spine and into a crown I seem to wear around my head during this meditation. My hands tingle, and it puts me in a deep state afterwards.

This is far from my favorite mediation though. There are some meditations that I just love the state it puts me in, and the results as I move through life. This one is effective, and needed, but it doesn’t mean I like doing it. 😉

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Happy meditating!

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{21.40 Meditation} First Week Reflections

Photo from Pixabay

First week of the challenge is done! The meditation is increasingly getting easier. I can see and feel the energy rising in my spine. The first 5 days I had a sensation of energy on my head like a large crown. There is little to report there…

In my day to day life I am noticing when I get upset, and like most of the meditations I do with Kundalini Yoga, there’s been an increase in situations meant to upset me. These situations are usually extreme and take me by surprise.

Case in point: At the retail store I manage a woman got extremely upset because I suggested she go to Starbucks across the parking lot to plug in her phone.  She got very angry, calling me names, when I simply said “I don’t really have a plugin for you to use. There’s a Starbucks across the parking lot.” I was shocked at the level of intensity in which she yelled insults at me.

I went into the back room to reflect on it, and my coworkers there reminded me: don’t let it bother you. It’s not you; don’t take it personal.

As I continue through this meditation that message is coming more and more forward for me. Don’t take it personal. I notice I take more things personal in certain relationships whereas other places in my life. Nonetheless, the message is clear: the less I take personal, the happier I am.

How is your first week going?