{21.40 Meditation Challenge} Day 28 Update

Day 28.


This is the spot where, most of the time, I feel like a lot of the hard work is starting to come to a close. A habit has been forming and is getting established by now. The big changes the meditation is instigating are also taking form at this point. After about Day 32 we will be in the sweet, sweet home run stretch of our first meditation challenge! Yay!

For me, this meditation has been very quiet in the way it effects me. Thus far I have noticed the following:

  • I went through 2 weeks of having a very short temper with those closest to me. Then went through 2 weeks of having a short temper with those not so close to me.
  • My husband and I are tiff frequently, however, we are also able to have conversations we weren’t able to previously.
  • I realized how much energy it takes to be upset all the time. It’s actually quite exhausting to be upset, or in the victim state.
  • I began to ask myself the question when I am upset, “Am I loosing my power being upset now?”. Invariably, the answer was yes, so I follow up with “How can I shift this so I am in my power?”. There’s always an answer, though sometimes it bends my mind a bit, because often it’s reworking my ego.
  • This meditation seems to do three things: show you how you are wired for being victim/upset/angry and give you the opportunity to shift it, work out old wounds that create an unconscious upset/victim/angry status within yourself, and give expression to what you are currently unhappy with and why.

Even doing just 11 minutes a day I can feel it shifting me nearly instantly when I sit to do it. I move into place with the straight back, chin tucked in, hands in the mudra, and change with the visualization. That quickly spurs the solid feeling of the energy tingling its way up my spine and into a crown I seem to wear around my head during this meditation. My hands tingle, and it puts me in a deep state afterwards.

This is far from my favorite mediation though. There are some meditations that I just love the state it puts me in, and the results as I move through life. This one is effective, and needed, but it doesn’t mean I like doing it. 😉

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Happy meditating!

P.S. To find out more about the meditation challenge go here.


{21.40 Meditation} First Week Reflections

Photo from Pixabay

First week of the challenge is done! The meditation is increasingly getting easier. I can see and feel the energy rising in my spine. The first 5 days I had a sensation of energy on my head like a large crown. There is little to report there…

In my day to day life I am noticing when I get upset, and like most of the meditations I do with Kundalini Yoga, there’s been an increase in situations meant to upset me. These situations are usually extreme and take me by surprise.

Case in point: At the retail store I manage a woman got extremely upset because I suggested she go to Starbucks across the parking lot to plug in her phone.  She got very angry, calling me names, when I simply said “I don’t really have a plugin for you to use. There’s a Starbucks across the parking lot.” I was shocked at the level of intensity in which she yelled insults at me.

I went into the back room to reflect on it, and my coworkers there reminded me: don’t let it bother you. It’s not you; don’t take it personal.

As I continue through this meditation that message is coming more and more forward for me. Don’t take it personal. I notice I take more things personal in certain relationships whereas other places in my life. Nonetheless, the message is clear: the less I take personal, the happier I am.

How is your first week going?


{21.40 Meditation Challenge} Welcome Package


Today is the first day of the 21.40 Meditation challenge. In just under an hour I will be getting set up at the in person class in Langford, BC. I am excited!

I will be teaching the meditation online at 8 PM PST November 20th for those who cannot attend the in person class. Feel free to ask questions there, or shoot me back an email here.

Today marks the first day in the challenge. The last day will be Friday December 29th. You can start today, or in the next day or two, the sooner the better. The key to maximize the benefits of your practice is once you start the meditation you do it every day no matter what. This way you sustain and grow the energy you are creating via meditation – the changes that happen are culminate over time.

The meditation video is here.
More details on the Meditation is here. 

Meditation Journal Tips

It is helpful to keep a meditation journal that you write in at the end of every meditation session. You don’t have to write anything long winded, you just need to write something. Things to write about could be how you feel before and after, repetitive thoughts you noticed, feelings during the meditation, body sensations, and any insights you may have.

The more we record these types of things the more our subconscious responds to the meditation practice. It’s a way of “emptying the subconscious mind”. The practice of writing in the journal acknowledges the subconscious and we let it go faster, naturally.

Keep up and be kept up!

Practice Tips

We had trouble making the video, and had to redo it a few times. There are some corrections I need to make for you: your arms during the meditation are parallel to the ground, and your ring and middle fingers point at your throat. My arms are a little off, so please note this correction. You will feel the energy “click” into place when you hold the position correctly. 🙂

If you need to work off a little steam before you sit to meditate you can do a kriya first. Kriya for Elevation or Kriya for Coordinating the Mind, Body and Soul are good ones to combine with this meditation.

Have fun meditating!

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Have a wonderful night!


P.S. I realize I should’ve sent this out earlier. I am sorry, and I will send this out in the AM next time. Forgive me.

P.P.S. If you have any questions at all, send me an email. 🙂


21.40 Meditation Challenge

I am enrolled in the 21 Stages of Meditation course through Yoga West and… it is AMAZING! I am so in love with meditating and after just the first weekend was all jazzed up about meditating and Kundalini Yoga. After the weekend, I felt SO great that I decided to do challenge myself.

And I want to invite you along with me!

You see, for a couple of years now, I have been uninspired with my meditation practice. I usually have a goal, and I usually get to that goal. And then after that goal has been met, I kind of float around for a while until I find the next thing.

And now I have it!

The Challenge:

To do every meditation laid out in the book The 21 Stages of Meditation by Gurucharan Singh Khalsa and Yogi B.

It is a Kundalini Yoga Meditation series that takes you through all of the various stages of the mind you encounter in meditation.

Like all Kundalini Yoga Meditations, these will rewire your brain. These meditations will change, hone and awaken your soul, your dharma and life path. These meditations will help you become all you need to be, and rewire you for joy.

And for some reason, this series of meditations makes me stoked!

Why Join Me?

Meditation in general is known for changing peoples lives. It’s an activity that a small amount every day has huge cumulative effects on a person. Mediation is known to reduce anxiety and depression, create inspiration, increase creativity, reduce stress, reduces aging, improves concentration, and the list goes on.

Kundalini yoga in particular has incredible benefits fast. It is the most effective meditation I have done myself. I’ve done zen buddhist, buddhist, vispassana, guided, theta, shamanic, and a bunch of the new agey meditations you can think of. Each one does it’s own thing very well, and have their time and place. For me, Kundalini yoga is the end all and be all because its a very active meditation practice meant to change your world fast. And it does.

It combines mantra (sounds), mudras (hand positions), pranayam (breath) and often visualization in both the yoga and meditations. This is what makes it so effective.

How It Will Work:

The challenge is a combined at home and in-class experience. This means each week I will teach an in person class that includes the meditation, yoga and/or sharing of experiences in Langford at Spirited Gifts. Each participant is asked to maintain their own daily practice.

Each meditation will be done for 40 days in a row.

But you can join us online too! We will provide a video of the meditation as direction, and specific instructions before each 40 day round. The instructions will include modifications based on your level of meditative experience to make it easy. I will be blogging about my experiences. There will be a facebook group as well to connect with each other doing the meditations.

There are over 21 meditations we will do together, one at a time. If you feel like you want to step in at a later date, I would sign up anyways so you can keep up and join us at any time.

Start Date: Sunday November 19, 2017

Upcoming Meditation Dates: 

Meditation to Conquer Upset: November 19th – December 28th
See Your Horizon: December 31st – February 8th
Eyeglass Traatik: February 11 – March 22
Self-Hypnosis to Dissolve Frustration: March 25th – May 3rd
Praan Naadi Shabad Guni Kriya: May 6th – June 14th

If you want to join me (and I hope you do! I am stoked!), sign up below – where it says want to be inspired? 🙂  You can step into the challenge at anytime, so even if you aren’t sure that you will be able to start, sign up anyways to follow along.


Guest Post: 5 Yoga Poses for A Strong Back

I am happy to share with you a guest post on what I think is a very important topic – a strong back! In Kundalini Yoga we do a lot of core exercises which helps create a strong back. My physio informed me that a strong core = a strong back = long healthy living. I am happy to present to you this article! 

5 Yoga Poses for A Strong Back

A strong and sculpted back looks and feels wonderful. It corrects the posture, mitigates back troubles, and shields the spine. Psychologically, it enhances self-esteem and self-confidence. These five yoga poses for a strong back are certain to generate the benefits mentioned above when practiced regularly and diligently.

[Note: Both the Cobra and Wheel pose MUST be done correctly to reap the benefits and avoid doing damage. Therefore I highly recommend you learn the technique for these poses from a qualified instructor]

  1. Plank Pose

Come on to all fours, separating the knees and feet as wide as the hips. Keep the toes tucked. Stack the wrists underneath shoulders. Lengthen the spine through the neck and keep it neutral. Engage the core muscles. Pressing the palms into the floor, lift the knees and come into Plank Pose. Adjust the posture by gently moving forward and backward to align the entire body in a straight line.

Hold the posture for seven to ten deep breaths. Exhale and drop the knees down to come back to the starting position.

  1. Bhujangasana – Cobra Pose

Lie down on the abdomen, separating the feet slightly. Allow the forehead to rest on the floor. Stack palms under shoulders. Keep the elbows bent, hugging them close to the rib cage. Inhale and lengthen the entire body to stretch the spine. Exhale slowly through the mouth. 

On the next inhale, press palms into the floor and lift the head and torso until the navel is off the mat. Lift the palms away from the floor allowing your back to do the work. Engage the core in supporting the back. Hold for 7 to 10 breaths. Exhale and gently return to the starting position.

  1. Salabhasana – Locust Pose

Lying down on the abdomen, join the feet, allowing the big toes to touch. Stretch the arms back and long, fingertips pointing away from the body. Inhale and lift the head, legs, and hands away from the floor, toes pointing away from the torso. Lengthen the spine with each inhalation. Try lifting the legs higher, allowing the lower back to do the job, with each exhalation. Hold for 7 to 10 deep breaths. Exhale and gently lower the legs and hands.

  1. Chakrasana – Wheel Pose

Lie down on the back. Bend the knees and separate them hip-width. Rest the feet firmly on the floor, slightly away from the buttocks. Rest the palms just beneath the shoulders, finger tips pointing away from the shoulders. Engage the core and take a couple of breaths to feel the sensations before lifting up.

Pressing the palms firmly, take an inhalation, and lift the torso away from the floor. Let the head hang in between the elbows. Keep the knees bent unless the core and back are quite strong. With each exhalation, try to straighten the limbs, offering an opportunity for the core muscles and back muscles to coordinate and support the body.

  1. Purvottanasana – Upward Plank Pose

Sit down and stretch the legs out. Flex the feet. Rest the palms under the shoulders, fingertips pointing towards the body. Inhale, press the palms into the feet and lift the body away from the floor. Straighten the arms slowly with each exhalation, pressing the feet into the floor to lift the hips as high as possible. Gaze up and hold the breaths, keeping the core muscles engaged for seven to ten breaths.

Exhale and gently release the body to the floor.

Gently recline to lie down in Savasana, the Corpse Pose, to calm the stimulated back muscles and reap the benefits of the practice.

There is no need to rush. All you need to master these five yoga poses for a strong back is some patience and consistency. One can hold the postures longer if back and core are powerful, but if there are any injuries, modify the poses accordingly. The crucial factor for a successful practice is to listen to the body. So keep practicing and keep listening!

Kosta Miachin is the creator of VIKASA Yoga method – a unique, challenging and effective approach to yoga. He is also the founder of VIKASA Yoga Academy. You can find him online: http://www.vikasayoga.com


I Broke Up With the Moon – Here’s Why, Part 1

Moon split-1

Many people are surprised when they find out that I am not a moon worshipper. I have no moon paraphernalia, no moon pictures or symbols on any clothing, altars or anything else seen on a daily basis. My life operates as independently from the lunar cycles as it can – not because I forget about it because of a busy life – but because I choose it.

This is a fairly new thing in my life. For many, many years I have utilized the waxing and the waning of the moon to aid in my spiritual growth, yogic cycles, rituals and ceremonies, goal setting and much more. It’s been a companion of mine for nearly a decade and our break up process was long – almost a year. I knew it was inevitable for months before I actually took the plunge to clear out all the moon paraphernalia and almost a year to actually talk about it with people.

My breakup with the moon began in Fall 2016. I was back home still adjusting from a very intense retreat earlier in the year. I was doing a lot of personal reflection and contemplation at that time usually on forest walks. This particular forest walk I was contemplating women’s moon cycles. Why do we have them? Why is their pain? Why can a woman not choose when she wants to menstruate or be fertile?

The channel I received changed my life forever.

The Channel 

The information I channelled went like this: A very long time ago humans were living in peace as One on the planet. We were much more advanced than now on pretty much all levels. A race of aliens came and war was raged. It lasted a long time, many lives were lost, and ultimately humans lost the war. The Alien victors put into law that humanity would be enslaved until the amount of lives lost in the war were replaced with an equal amount of human lives.

At that point, human women lost the power to control her menses. Her cycle was tied to the moon which tracked the lives lost through monthly bleeding. Apparently, the moon only counts the loss of an egg in a monthly cycle if she bleeds on the Earth itself.

There were other implications of this war loss too. Humans became enslaved to the alien race, who bred with some humans, spreading their seed and DNA into the human race. They began to dis-empower and use humanity. How? Why? I am not sure yet – I’ve gathered from channels over the years they use us to generate power from our emotions, and that if we stop feeding them they cease to exist. Literally. I don’t really have an understanding of this yet.

So here we are now, living on an enslaved planet, soon to break free. The channel actually specified that we are coming close to breaking free from this law, and could very possibly be free from enslavement within the next one hundred years. How long it takes is up to the masses of humanity and how we choose to live our lives.

The Confirmation of Ceremonies

After I received this channel I mulled over it a long time. I didn’t talk to anyone about it. I hang out with a lot of people who love the moon. It’s normal in my day to day life to talk about the moon, its state, and its influence. I slowly began to draw away from these conversations as I felt deep in the pit of my stomach nervousness an discomfort. I mean, this is radical thing to shift and think.

So I mulled and thought until I went to ceremonies a few months later in the states. These ceremonies are called the Template Ceremonies, and are said to reconnect your original circuitry. Sacred geometry and rituals are combined with teachings about the geometry and consciousness. Totally up my alley and my friend was facilitating the first three so I went to California to attend.

It was in ceremony 3 that we went through basically the exact same information I had been given in my channelling months prior. I was shocked and intrigued. Here is someone else confirming what I rarely spoke about in ceremonies that have been going on for almost twenty years! Almost word for word the same story but with more information about the slave race and how it affects us.

Turns out, every time we look at the moon it disconnects our circuitry and weakens our aura. To  me, this translates to: When I look at the moon I am weakened. This extends from looking at the moon in the sky to photos and pictures of the moon and any paraphernalia of the moon. After the ceremony occurred I probably spent about an hour asking more about this, and came to conclude that indeed, looking the moon dis-empowers us.

Beginning to Open Up

When I came back from the ceremonies I began to talk to select people about this while I still mulled and processed its implications. If the moon dis-empowers us, is it used as a mind control method? Is it being fed into new age spirituality for control? How does this effect our use of rituals and ceremonies usually done around moon times? How is it that priestesses came to worship the moon?

As I began to talk with others about it, they began informing me about different theories they had heard about the moon. That the moon is an inanimate object built for some reason. That it was an engineering feat. Even some people told me they had read or heard about the big war that led to human enslavement. As I began to open up I began to see the conversation that could potentially happen.

I also began to observe how insidious this simple form of dis-empowerment had big impacts on humanity. My observations have led me to know for a fact that I do not want to worship the moon nor give it any of my power despite the trend to do so right now. I do not judge those who choose to though – for I understand. I used to rule my life in accordance to the moon with rituals every two weeks in time with the waxing and waning.

There’s more observations to share so stay tuned for my next post to find out more.

Serafina Christine is a Priestess and Oracle leading two lives at once. Her day job is working as a manager in a health food store while her night job is exploring the various faucets of the Universe. Her fascinations include meditation, crystals, writing, yoga and more. You can sign up for her rarely used email list to stay updated on major changes.

Moon Photo: By Syed Atif Nazir [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC BY 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons


11 Signs You Are a Priestess

What is a priestess? This archetype is blasted across my social media these days as sexy white women adorning beautiful clothing and jewellery. However, you do not need to be this image of a priestess.

There are many of us, and we come in all shapes and colours. I like pretty and flowing but with some spunk. And sometimes the things I wear to feel beautiful are not the things another Priestess would wear to feel beautiful.

At the moment Priestesses (and Priests) are being called to awaken. They come of service to humanity and the planet. Their magic is in the selfless service and ability to walk in between  the physical world as we know it and the many dimensions around us. We are awakening to midwife this planet into the next age of consciousness.

When Priestesses come together it’s a powerful moment. We unlock keys and teach each other effortlessly. Our gifts are amplified and our ceremonies have a strength to them we otherwise wouldn’t have. The archetype of the Priestess is a powerful one, and one that takes you on a journey into your depths.

Here are eleven personality quirks I have noticed in myself and the priestesses I have known in my life. If you are feeling called to this archetype many, if not all, of these will describe you.

  1. You are considered an old soul. You can’t help it. Partying, especially with drugs and alcohol, just aren’t your thing. You would rather be in nature, soaking in the Earth and Sky, having deep conversations with other old souls, and generally just enjoying the quietude the Earth itself has to offer.
  2. The Earth calls to you. You can hear her voice in the the wind, trees and ocean. You can touch the Earth, hear her heart and give voice to Her. She calls to you the way a lover does, and you fall in love with her deeper and deeper each day you walk her land. You feel called to protect her at the same time she helps you remember who you are and heal.
  3. You know your role in this life is to serve humanity and the planet. You arrived here with this feeling of greatness and influence, and you have come to understand that who you are and choose to be has a huge ripple effect into the greater consciousness. You actively seek ways to embrace this and change the world for the better.
  4. You often have vivid dreams which often contain personal and helpful messages. It seems your dreams are often filled with symbolism. You desire to learn dream recall and may already record your dreams. You might even be a lucid dreamer.
  5. Sexuality is important to you – not as a control or manipulative tool but as a healing tool. You are interested in transmuting the blame, shame, control tactics humanity has undergone with this magnificent human experience. You know it can be used to elevate and achieve higher states of consciousness, and heal deep wounds quickly.
  6. You love the beautiful and strive to make all spaces a sanctuary and all things beautiful. You adorn yourself in beauty and wherever you make yourself home beauty must be part of it. Often this lends into your artwork which is a byproduct of expressing your intuition and desires.
  7. You feel a deep desire or crave time by yourself making art, writing, or simply in nature. It is in silence you find yourself communing with your deepest parts. It is here you feel most at home – in the depths of your consciousness on the brink of two worlds, though mostly likely in the other one.
  8. You always feel like you are walking between two worlds, and are aware that this reality is multi-layered. No one needed to explain this to you, rather it is a deep inner knowing that you have always had because of your old soul age and your connection to Spirit and experiences with deities that live in the other realms, including your guides.
  9. The only way for you to be in this world happily is to be constantly growing and learning. To not do either of those and to stagnate literally feels like death to you. The desire to constantly move to higher realms and to achieve this is what gives you constant joy.
  10. Your intuition is your superpower. It’s natural and also fascinating for you. Yet you don’t resonate with the word “psychic” or “witch” even if your inclinations might put you there. The words feel too “heavy” or perhaps not light enough for inexplicable reasons. You prefer to be a bearer of light.
  11. You know there is shadow and light, and both require care and love.  You are aware somehow that both the shadow and the light require being worked with in order to truly transmute and transform into the higher levels of consciousness. This makes sense for you. Even though your shadow scares you, you know it is the right thing to face it and transmute as often and quickly as you can.

. May you find the people who lift you to the ethers yet keep you grounded to play in this world.


Hello Again!

It’s only been six months but I’ve been thinking about you! I want to write here again – I miss it, and miss the connections with all of you. The creative spark. The adventure together. I don’t know what exactly – but I miss it!

I’m also super excited to announce the following things:

A) I’m taking a Hatha Teacher Training this fall! I am so stoked! I am aiming to increase my confidence in teaching. I want to teach everyone yoga!

I really came to recognise that yoga saved my life over this last year. Yoga literally is the reason why I can get out of bed and face the world. Yoga and meditation are the reasons I can do what I do after what I have experienced in this life. More on that another time. It is time for me to step into teaching what I know to others and now I am on the path to make that happen.

B) Over the summer I did a pranic initiation into Breatharianism. Am I a full breatharian now? No. Am I living a pranic lifestyle? Yes. What’s the difference? That’s an upcoming article, so hold your suspense for a bit! It’s a lifechanging thing and I really, REALLY want to share it with you. Not because it’s super cool (it is) or super spiritual (its not) or just plain weird (did I tell you I’m not human?), but because I believe in it. I really believe all of humanity at some point will become pranic and as an outlier believe I have the responsibility to create awareness about it.

By ‘create awareness’ I just want to share my experience with you. I do not want to convince anyone of anything and I’m not looking to argue with anyone about anything. I am simply conducting a huge experiment on my body and having experiences I want to share to make life easier for people in the future conducting the same/similar transitions. 🙂

C) Oh. My. Goodness. Creative explosion over here has happened. I wish all I did was create sh*t but I also have a day job. And people tell me I can’t focus. I think I focus just fine (most of the time) but I mean, I do what I do and eventually projects complete themselves. It might be a slow way of working on things but I got big plans, and patience is a key factor here.

Man! Do I ever have some goodies lined up for you! Anyways, I’m going to create a little gallery type thing at some point to showcase some of the projects I’ve been working on and such. 🙂

Also, I am starting meditation sessions at my house in Langford, BC. If you are in the area and interested in early am silent sits, send me an email.

P.S. As much as I love you, I am writing this blog with no pressure. This means posts will probably be irregular though I will aim for one a week of quality. If you really want to be up to date with random creations and writings I suggest you follow my Instagram or Facebook Page. 🙂


When Meditation Forgets You


Kicking it at the ocean.

Over the last few years in my meditation practice I have witnessed a lot of things, especially in Kundalini Yoga, where the days completed have a direct correlation to the effects received. We choose a meditation and do it as long as we can/feel called.

Early in my training, I met a woman in Yoga West, whom I cannot recall her name, and she told me a story of how she did So Purkh for over 150 days until one day she simply forgot to do it. I was shocked! How could someone ever forget to do such an intense practice after such a long time!? She explained that she had simply gotten busy moving and one day woke up and realized she had forgotten to do it.

When I heard her story, her honesty and transparency came through. She didn’t guilt herself about it or make a big deal out of it. She simply moved on. “I figured I had all So Purkh had wanted to give to me.”

When I first began my training I kept asking how do we know when a meditation is done? Each person would say there is an inner knowing that happens. There is a feeling that happens that tells you when you have received all the benefits your soul needs at this time with this particular meditation.

What they didn’t tell me is that sometimes, you just forget, and that’s okay. 


This past weekend I was travelling with a friend of mine on one of the nearby islands. We were deep in the present moment of frolicking in the sunshine on the coast and running into mystical being and doing other meditations. I woke up on Sunday and in mid-breakfast realized I forgot to do my daily meditation ~ 88 days in.

I stopped for a moment, surprised.

My friend looked at me, and simply said, “Are you going to guilt yourself over this?”

Quickly, I realized its not worth the energy (when is it every worth giving up energy to guilt yourself?). I realized it doesn’t matter – perhaps the meditation has completed its work with me.

Or perhaps it demands more sacredness than I have given it the past few months.

If a meditation is meant to bring out the sacred in me, it must be treated as sacred as that sacred part of me is. I have let myself become lazy in my practice the last couple of months because of my own mental blocks.

I say this because for me, this meditation did not feel complete. It felt like I was just beginning to unravel more of its truth in my life. It felt like I was just starting to learn its dance.

Perhaps this is part of this particular meditation teachings for me.

Reflection Questions

Have you ever forgotten to do your meditation practice? What happened? How did you react? What did it teach you?


Dreams Tell All

“All I want to do is write, make art and run a gem store with a retreat centre and drink tea.”

“So what you need is the strategy to get you there?”


If you pay attention there are little signs and tips everywhere around. They unfold in your openness or sometimes despite your resistance. If too lost in the head, I cannot decipher them even if they are clear to others. If too lost in the heart, I loose them as fast as my emotions move through me.

I almost made a choice that would imprison me into the matrix I ultimately want to leave. I dreamed that night accordingly: I was trapped in a prison suspended above the ground. I escaped, and after being out all night I decided to go back to prison to serve the remainder of my sentence. I feared punishment but they celebrated my return.

I made the choice to follow my heart and received support from those I never thought I would. I hadn’t realized how important the familial support was to me: as soon as they said do what you love & we support you a weight lifted from my heart. My inner child celebrated. That night I dreamed I went to a school of magic, met the love of my life, and played with baby Unicorns. Of course, to get to this school, I had to fly. wink emoticon

I’m feeling like I’m finally understanding the blessings of transformation that come from this back injury keeping me off work & from doing a lot of things I’d normally do (like yoga, dancing, hiking, etc.). When it first happened people close to me said “It’s a time to re-evaluate. A time to come back into alignment with your soul.”

I had no idea how far out of alignment from my heart and soul I was.