{21.40 Meditation Challenge} Day 28 Update

Day 28.


This is the spot where, most of the time, I feel like a lot of the hard work is starting to come to a close. A habit has been forming and is getting established by now. The big changes the meditation is instigating are also taking form at this point. After about Day 32 we will be in the sweet, sweet home run stretch of our first meditation challenge! Yay!

For me, this meditation has been very quiet in the way it effects me. Thus far I have noticed the following:

  • I went through 2 weeks of having a very short temper with those closest to me. Then went through 2 weeks of having a short temper with those not so close to me.
  • My husband and I are tiff frequently, however, we are also able to have conversations we weren’t able to previously.
  • I realized how much energy it takes to be upset all the time. It’s actually quite exhausting to be upset, or in the victim state.
  • I began to ask myself the question when I am upset, “Am I loosing my power being upset now?”. Invariably, the answer was yes, so I follow up with “How can I shift this so I am in my power?”. There’s always an answer, though sometimes it bends my mind a bit, because often it’s reworking my ego.
  • This meditation seems to do three things: show you how you are wired for being victim/upset/angry and give you the opportunity to shift it, work out old wounds that create an unconscious upset/victim/angry status within yourself, and give expression to what you are currently unhappy with and why.

Even doing just 11 minutes a day I can feel it shifting me nearly instantly when I sit to do it. I move into place with the straight back, chin tucked in, hands in the mudra, and change with the visualization. That quickly spurs the solid feeling of the energy tingling its way up my spine and into a crown I seem to wear around my head during this meditation. My hands tingle, and it puts me in a deep state afterwards.

This is far from my favorite mediation though. There are some meditations that I just love the state it puts me in, and the results as I move through life. This one is effective, and needed, but it doesn’t mean I like doing it. πŸ˜‰

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Happy meditating!

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