{21.40 Meditation Challenge} Welcome Package


Today is the first day of the 21.40 Meditation challenge. In just under an hour I will be getting set up at the in person class in Langford, BC. I am excited!

I will be teaching the meditation online at 8 PM PST November 20th for those who cannot attend the in person class. Feel free to ask questions there, or shoot me back an email here.

Today marks the first day in the challenge. The last day will be Friday December 29th. You can start today, or in the next day or two, the sooner the better. The key to maximize the benefits of your practice is once you start the meditation you do it every day no matter what. This way you sustain and grow the energy you are creating via meditation – the changes that happen are culminate over time.

The meditation video is here.
More details on the Meditation is here. 

Meditation Journal Tips

It is helpful to keep a meditation journal that you write in at the end of every meditation session. You don’t have to write anything long winded, you just need to write something. Things to write about could be how you feel before and after, repetitive thoughts you noticed, feelings during the meditation, body sensations, and any insights you may have.

The more we record these types of things the more our subconscious responds to the meditation practice. It’s a way of “emptying the subconscious mind”. The practice of writing in the journal acknowledges the subconscious and we let it go faster, naturally.

Keep up and be kept up!

Practice Tips

We had trouble making the video, and had to redo it a few times. There are some corrections I need to make for you: your arms during the meditation are parallel to the ground, and your ring and middle fingers point at your throat. My arms are a little off, so please note this correction. You will feel the energy “click” into place when you hold the position correctly. 🙂

If you need to work off a little steam before you sit to meditate you can do a kriya first. Kriya for Elevation or Kriya for Coordinating the Mind, Body and Soul are good ones to combine with this meditation.

Have fun meditating!

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Have a wonderful night!


P.S. I realize I should’ve sent this out earlier. I am sorry, and I will send this out in the AM next time. Forgive me.

P.P.S. If you have any questions at all, send me an email. 🙂