{21.40 Meditation Challenge} #2 Day 1 – See Your Horizons

I must deeply apologize. This week has been like my own personal mercury retrograde – every electronic this week has had some sort of problem – and the video was not available until today. Again, I apologize.So let’s start the challenge today, January 6th. 

The meditation for the second stage is called “See Your Horizon”. It’s not often taught – I can’t find copies of it anywhere, so I created my own PDF based on the book “The 21 Stages of Meditation” upon which this challenge is based.

Here is the video. 
Click here for the tune in sheet.
And here for a suggested meditation tracker.

This meditation is meant to conquer boredom. It changes the way we perceive boredom and teaches us to be in touch with our deepest Self.

The meditation has several parts to it, and is quite long when it is practiced for the full length of time recommended. I would totally do the full time, if I could fit it into my schedule because I really like the state this meditation puts me into.


I’ve reduced the meditation time to reflect a busy life schedule in the video I’m sending you (the PDF has the original times listed). The total meditation time is about 15-20 minutes though the video is a wee bit longer due to intros & outros. 🙂

Online classes will be taught Wednesday evenings at 8 pm PST starting January 10th until February 10th. So mark your calendars to meditate together!

The last day of this challenge is Monday, February 15th. 

There are no in-person classes for this challenge.

I am using Nirinjan Kaurs Rakhe Rakhanhar to meditate with in the main section as it is the song  recommended.

As always, I recommend you journal after your practice so you can see the results happening in your day to day life. I love hearing about your journey and practice – feel free to hit reply.

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Happy Meditating! Thanks again for your patience.