20170709_114140Current Projects

~ Poetry Book (in edit)
~ Planning a wedding
~ Online business course

More Deets:

I am a mystic, a deep thinker, an explorer of the internal landscapes of reality. Joy comes most when I am creating something new. Life experience came to me fast and fierce and left me a wounded heart on the pavement bleeding all over life. I had been deeply wounded through abuse, sexual trauma, and a short stint as a homeless person. Then I found Kundalini Yoga. While I had always painted, and had been meditating daily for almost 5 years by that point, Kundalini Yoga transformed me faster than anything else I had experienced. The meditations were active, alive, and on point. The kriyas moved energy and refreshed me in a different way. Suddenly everything was changing. Then one grey February morning I woke up to find myself whole.

Completely whole.

No longer was I carrying a wounded heart bleeding upon the pavement of life. My wounded heart still bled but it wasn’t driving me anymore. I didn’t leave drip drops of pain on the pavement but instead carried my heart gently with compassion. Slowly, over time and continued practice I found my heart healing and my life changing to match the new vibrations I gave off. I found myself growing to love life again and beneath all the pain and wounds I found me.

Now, engaging life fully as myself, I am living life serving others as best I can. Renewed, and recently engaged to be married, I am creating the life I have always wanted. I give readings, mentor mystics and priestesses, and teach meditation and yoga.

The More Professional Deets:

My journey with the metaphysical starts over ten years ago when I went through a mid-life crisis in my teenage years. I found myself suddenly questioning all of life and reading the holy books of various religions when doing my math homework would’ve been a better call. I soon became obsessed with the mineral kingdom and meditation. Almost a decade has passed of me reading cards.

My studies led me to study Kundalini Yoga – the most satisfying and transformational practice I have found. I began a daily practice when I was at one of my lowest points in my life – on welfare just after a stint as a homeless person. Kundalini yoga soon began to change everything in my life. It helped me handle the world despite the frequent bouts of anxiety and depression I experienced due to sexual trauma and abuse.

I travelled the West Coast of Canada and the US working at various festivals, keeping up my daily yoga practice. My work at the festivals as a Priestess allowed me to hold space for people at the altars we created and provide card readings to those who needed them most. I became a master at tuning out the world to provide only the truth to the client in places where the music never stops.

In 2013 I enrolled in my teacher training at Yoga West in Vancouver, began this blog, and graduated in 2014. There was a day I distinctly remember in my teacher training I woke up feeling whole – a brand new feeling for me. I taught in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver before teaching at the Women’s Center in Nelson and at a couple of festivals in Canada and the US.

After a year of living in Nelson, BC I moved back to Victoria to be closer to family and meet the cleansing ocean air again. Meditation stayed with me as a constant – but this yoga has made it possible for me to live and function in the world as a normal person. It has allowed me to blossom fully into who I really am and share my gifts to the world around me.