Artists Statement

Art creates the culture we live in. It defines who we are and what we do. It brings us into connection with ourselves and others or it drives us away and alienates us. Good art teaches us things and draws us to it. It shows us a way we may have not perceived before. It opens our minds.


It is one of the most powerful forms of activism if used correctly.


It contains everything yet not everything is art.

My art.

Paintings are my form of activism.


All symbols have the power to affect us on deep subtle levels. Everywhere we look symbols are programming our consciousness. The symbols I choose to use aid in elevating consciousness and opening up the masses to the True Reality.


Crystals are little (or sometimes huge!) forms of pure unconditional love. Each one amplifies the power of the symbols but also aids in shifting our consciousness even further and in different ways from the symbols themselves.

Art Changes the world.

Each individual it touches will be changed.

No one has to recognize it.

But this is why I paint.