Available Artwork

Prints will be available soon. Please contact me if you want a print when they become available. 🙂

All of these paintings are original paintings by Mystic Yogini, signed under the artists name “. These paintings vary in size; most include crystals on the canvas or in the paint. Shipping price is paid by the buyer.


Dreamweaver (2015) SOLD

One of my favourites.

Think of lilypads and how they speak to each other – through the vibrations they feel in the water they live in.

The seed of life creates vibration which creates frequency which creates sound which creates colours and everything else we perceive in life.

This one has apatite on the canvas to aid in intuition, insight, and dream work.

The store I work at sells black and white prints of all sorts of things on this paper and I decided to fancy mine all up.

Almighty God

Almighty God (2014) Available 12″x12″

This is a piece that keeps changing names on me. I love it and I hate it depending on my mood. I discovered the hand gesture Spock was infamous for comes from a Jewish ceremony and it creates a symbol in Hebrew that stands for “Almighty God”. The symbol in the hand is the flower of life. Almighty God holds the flower of life on top of the flower of life in constant recreation.

Crystals used are amethyst, malachite, and quartz.

Point of Stillness

Point of Stillness (2015) 12″x12″ SOLD – Prints available. 

One of my favourites.

While painting this I saw how our lives are movies, each moment a still in a film, and how these stills create the life we are living. Each still though is seperate from any other yet connected at once. We are like the dots on the paper from the pencil.


Eye of Horus (2014) 12″x12″ Sold – Prints Available. 

Strength, power, protection. A dark blue flower of life is in the eye itself with azurite in the paint.



Andy Warhol Skull (2015) Available

I have a series of sketches about death thanks to Andy Warhol. I read about his obsession with death after a near death experience happened to him. A groupie of his who was quite close to him shot him and he was later revived at the hospital. After that everything shifted for him and it can be seen in his artwork with photos of places of death and in the fact he proceeded to carry a skull around with him until the day he died.

I don’t view death as something scary. I view it as a passageway to go back home. Here is a painting with the vibrancy of Andy Warhol, a good dose of silly thanks to Day of the Dead (one of my favourite holidays!) and voila!

He makes me smile every time I see him.

We Are Falling Apart

We Are Falling Apart (2015) SOLD

This image was shown to me when I was walking up a road. I saw a couple holding hands, laughing and smiling, their hands pulling each other close. They were bouncing off each other laughing. One time they bounced off each other and I saw the Tree of Life splitting in two and heard the words “We are falling apart” and in that moment I wanted to cry out to stop us from falling. I couldn’t. I cried a single tear and couldn’t get the image out of my head.

This image has metallic gold paint in the middle portion so it does change with light. There is selenite in this painting.

Free me Butterfly

Free me Butterfly (2015) Available 12″x12″

What happens when sacred g meets nature and creatures? Probably lots of stuff… But this happened with a butterfly!