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{21.40 Meditation} First Week Reflections

Photo from Pixabay

First week of the challenge is done! The meditation is increasingly getting easier. I can see and feel the energy rising in my spine. The first 5 days I had a sensation of energy on my head like a large crown. There is little to report there…

In my day to day life I am noticing when I get upset, and like most of the meditations I do with Kundalini Yoga, there’s been an increase in situations meant to upset me. These situations are usually extreme and take me by surprise.

Case in point: At the retail store I manage a woman got extremely upset because I suggested she go to Starbucks across the parking lot to plug in her phone.  She got very angry, calling me names, when I simply said “I don’t really have a plugin for you to use. There’s a Starbucks across the parking lot.” I was shocked at the level of intensity in which she yelled insults at me.

I went into the back room to reflect on it, and my coworkers there reminded me: don’t let it bother you. It’s not you; don’t take it personal.

As I continue through this meditation that message is coming more and more forward for me. Don’t take it personal. I notice I take more things personal in certain relationships whereas other places in my life. Nonetheless, the message is clear: the less I take personal, the happier I am.

How is your first week going?