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11 Signs You Are a Priestess

What is a priestess? This archetype is blasted across my social media these days as sexy white women adorning beautiful clothing and jewellery. However, you do not need to be this image of a priestess.

There are many of us, and we come in all shapes and colours. I like pretty and flowing but with some spunk. And sometimes the things I wear to feel beautiful are not the things another Priestess would wear to feel beautiful.

At the moment Priestesses (and Priests) are being called to awaken. They come of service to humanity and the planet. Their magic is in the selfless service and ability to walk in between  the physical world as we know it and the many dimensions around us. We are awakening to midwife this planet into the next age of consciousness.

When Priestesses come together it’s a powerful moment. We unlock keys and teach each other effortlessly. Our gifts are amplified and our ceremonies have a strength to them we otherwise wouldn’t have. The archetype of the Priestess is a powerful one, and one that takes you on a journey into your depths.

Here are eleven personality quirks I have noticed in myself and the priestesses I have known in my life. If you are feeling called to this archetype many, if not all, of these will describe you.

  1. You are considered an old soul. You can’t help it. Partying, especially with drugs and alcohol, just aren’t your thing. You would rather be in nature, soaking in the Earth and Sky, having deep conversations with other old souls, and generally just enjoying the quietude the Earth itself has to offer.
  2. The Earth calls to you. You can hear her voice in the the wind, trees and ocean. You can touch the Earth, hear her heart and give voice to Her. She calls to you the way a lover does, and you fall in love with her deeper and deeper each day you walk her land. You feel called to protect her at the same time she helps you remember who you are and heal.
  3. You know your role in this life is to serve humanity and the planet. You arrived here with this feeling of greatness and influence, and you have come to understand that who you are and choose to be has a huge ripple effect into the greater consciousness. You actively seek ways to embrace this and change the world for the better.
  4. You often have vivid dreams which often contain personal and helpful messages. It seems your dreams are often filled with symbolism. You desire to learn dream recall and may already record your dreams. You might even be a lucid dreamer.
  5. Sexuality is important to you – not as a control or manipulative tool but as a healing tool. You are interested in transmuting the blame, shame, control tactics humanity has undergone with this magnificent human experience. You know it can be used to elevate and achieve higher states of consciousness, and heal deep wounds quickly.
  6. You love the beautiful and strive to make all spaces a sanctuary and all things beautiful. You adorn yourself in beauty and wherever you make yourself home beauty must be part of it. Often this lends into your artwork which is a byproduct of expressing your intuition and desires.
  7. You feel a deep desire or crave time by yourself making art, writing, or simply in nature. It is in silence you find yourself communing with your deepest parts. It is here you feel most at home – in the depths of your consciousness on the brink of two worlds, though mostly likely in the other one.
  8. You always feel like you are walking between two worlds, and are aware that this reality is multi-layered. No one needed to explain this to you, rather it is a deep inner knowing that you have always had because of your old soul age and your connection to Spirit and experiences with deities that live in the other realms, including your guides.
  9. The only way for you to be in this world happily is to be constantly growing and learning. To not do either of those and to stagnate literally feels like death to you. The desire to constantly move to higher realms and to achieve this is what gives you constant joy.
  10. Your intuition is your superpower. It’s natural and also fascinating for you. Yet you don’t resonate with the word “psychic” or “witch” even if your inclinations might put you there. The words feel too “heavy” or perhaps not light enough for inexplicable reasons. You prefer to be a bearer of light.
  11. You know there is shadow and light, and both require care and love.  You are aware somehow that both the shadow and the light require being worked with in order to truly transmute and transform into the higher levels of consciousness. This makes sense for you. Even though your shadow scares you, you know it is the right thing to face it and transmute as often and quickly as you can.

. May you find the people who lift you to the ethers yet keep you grounded to play in this world.