Ceremony & Ritual

Photo by: Elena Sarasom

Ceremony and Rituals are an important part of our lives. They are both inherently human things. And they are so important to do around the big things in our lives. Because they change us. The actions we take in ceremonies and rituals are subtle. They are ways to consciously work with our subconscious minds.

And that is what makes them such an important thing.

Now, you can book me to help you create ceremonies and rituals for your life.

Background Story: 

For my Bachelorette this past year I wanted to do something special but I didn’t know what. I didn’t want to go out and get plastered – that is the exact opposite of who I am. I didn’t want to have a boring house party full of dirty jokes because that is also not who I am.

To be honest, I couldn’t find anything that really made me jump up and down. I wanted something sacred and something fun. Something magic but still real.

I decided I would hold ceremony and all the women in my life would be invited. This ceremony would be to say goodbye to the maiden and to welcome the wife into my life. It would be a conscious honour and shift in what I embody at a subconscious and energetic level.

And of course, I made an event of it!

Photo by Elena Sarasom

We combined the best of both worlds in a way that worked for who I am and how I wanted to shift from one life chapter to the next. We had a potluck dinner, raw chocolate making (which we decided we need a pro for next time!) and a little bit of wine as all of the wonderful women in my life connected with each other. We prepared for the ceremony by writing blessings for the bride to be.

Photo by Elena Sarasom

The ceremony lasted about an hour. We came into a space set up for the ceremony with candles, smudge, and ceremonial tools we would need. As each person entered the circle they were smudged and blessed. And then the ceremony began, and magic flowed.

Photo by Elena Sarasom

I will keep to myself the beauty of this ceremony. It was a sacred womb I emerged from recognized fully as a wife, and my maiden self was not upset at all. She knew it was time to let go – and this is what the ceremony did – it fully recognized that aspect of self and allowed it to transform with ease to the new aspect.

Ceremony Creation Services

I will create your ceremony with you. Guide you. Facilitate it to let you focus on you.

I love creating ceremonies and rituals. I love working with others to bring this kind of magic into their lives and am happy to facilitate any kind of ceremony you need. I will provide the ingredients and container while working with you to create a suitable ceremony for any life change.

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Women after the event joked to me, “That I was married already.” We could feel the palpable power and shift we had invoked through the ceremony together. Women were saying this was the most conscious event they had ever been to. When we come together in ceremony the magic is powerful.