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A few years ago I found myself diagnosed with Herpes. I had no idea what it meant to my life. I was handed a bag of condoms, papers explaining herpes and its treatments, and a prescription for medication on my way out of the nurses office. My friend hugged me tight, led me to the car, and put on some music. I cried and journalled, journalled and cried.

I was just so angry. And confused.

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with genital herpes this book is for you! It will give you everything you need to know – emotionally and physically in the first 5 pages!

“Thank you so much for your ebook!  I’m in awe and so grateful for the open and honest account of your experience with herpes.  I’ve been struggling with the decision of whether or not to take the medication daily and it is becoming more and more clear that I do not have to be ruled by that stuff!  Yay!” ~ Tammy

Later I met a vegan chef who specialized in alkaline foods. He and I began dating, and he not only taught me about the alkaline diet but under his guidance I went on a completely alkaline diet for two months.

During this time I worked intensely on healing my body of herpes through not only dietary methods, but through the emotional-mental-spiritual sides as well. I pulled out the arsenal gathered from years of working as an energy healer to see what I could pull together.

I believe in natural cures. I believe in learning what the body has to say and responding to that. I believe everything in the physical began with a seed somewhere in the emotional-mental complex of who I am.

This ebook is a compilation of not only the research I’ve done, but also the techniques I’ve used to come to an understanding of why I experienced what I’ve experienced but to also be grateful what herpes has taught me.

Inside you will find recommendations for the diet that can heal your body of herpes, the natural cure for break outs, a complete emotional-mental look into the disease and more!

The suggested price for the ebook is $9.99, but you can pay as little as $4.99! Just edit the price field after you click the buy now button to adjust the price to whatever you’d like to pay. 🙂

Natural Cure for Herpes

Conquer Herpes Ebook

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