Dreams Tell All

“All I want to do is write, make art and run a gem store with a retreat centre and drink tea.”

“So what you need is the strategy to get you there?”


If you pay attention there are little signs and tips everywhere around. They unfold in your openness or sometimes despite your resistance. If too lost in the head, I cannot decipher them even if they are clear to others. If too lost in the heart, I loose them as fast as my emotions move through me.

I almost made a choice that would imprison me into the matrix I ultimately want to leave. I dreamed that night accordingly: I was trapped in a prison suspended above the ground. I escaped, and after being out all night I decided to go back to prison to serve the remainder of my sentence. I feared punishment but they celebrated my return.

I made the choice to follow my heart and received support from those I never thought I would. I hadn’t realized how important the familial support was to me: as soon as they said do what you love & we support you a weight lifted from my heart. My inner child celebrated. That night I dreamed I went to a school of magic, met the love of my life, and played with baby Unicorns. Of course, to get to this school, I had to fly. wink emoticon

I’m feeling like I’m finally understanding the blessings of transformation that come from this back injury keeping me off work & from doing a lot of things I’d normally do (like yoga, dancing, hiking, etc.). When it first happened people close to me said “It’s a time to re-evaluate. A time to come back into alignment with your soul.”

I had no idea how far out of alignment from my heart and soul I was.