“It is magical! It is inspiring. It definitely is an invitation to grow spiritually. It is like being business partners with a legitimate shaman witch. It reminded me of who I truly feel I am – a priestess.” – Georgia

Are you seeking more inner trust? Are you seeking connection to your magic?

I love connecting people to magic and to their power. I love reminding people how amazing they are and the gifts they hold. I love helping people remember who they are.

“Its no bullsh*t allowed. Its fun but no funny business. Serafina has a sword that cuts through illusions of whats happening and gets to the truth of whats going on.” – Kiana

We live in a very real false world. I work primarily with those who are Priestesses, magic seekers, oracles, healers and mystics. Those who bridge two worlds. Together, we amplify each others gifts. We grow stronger and ground in our gifts when we have someone who can understand and connect with us.

We let our power grow and become more and more sovereign when we are given the space to be who we really are, without fear. I hold space for not only your personal reflection but also for the magic to awaken inside of you.

“Its opened up my trust in my own abilities, given me the opportunity to see my own gifts and how to use them, and it’s given me the inspiration to be more curious about this work – magic! Transformation! It has also empowered me.

It’s very symbiotic, harmonious. A lot of clarity is gained through our experiences together. Empowering yet vulnerable in the way of allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and when we are in those states of vulnerability we have the permission to explore the wisdom in those states.” Joy

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Because of my personal path I seem to work predominately with priestesses, however, I love working with anyone who has an interest in the mystical and magical. I love exploring the psychic realms and sharing what I have learned in my years of study of occultism, alchemy and all things related.

“I was in a place where I was starting to learn about and explore energy and I always knew there was something grander than what I experienced from day to day life, but when I start working with Serafina I was able to start diving deeper into knowing how to work with these very specific energies and my gifts, and the more that I worked with Serafina, the more I was able to receive more details and solidify my path which gave me permission to trust in my own intuition even more and to awaken my inner healer and teacher.” – Joy

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For all you Priestesses:

Being a Priestess means living between two worlds. It means trusting and utilizing logical intuition. It means being grounded. It means midwifing the shadow energy of not only your stuff but the collective as well. It means letting your energy be the ripple effect to change consciousness. It means being in tune with your soul.


It means creating the art that speaks to your soul. It means finding a way to effectively ground yourself here and now without sacrificing your light and who you are. It means cultivating your power, magic, inner trust and sovereignty.  It means being a bridge between the worlds for yourself and others. It means creating and holding ceremony space.

Most of all, being a Priestess means embodying everything that is the archetype of the Priestess. And there are thousands of different ways this looks.

Mystics are not far off from a Priestess. Priestesses are more involved in the rites, rituals and ceremonies in life whereas mystics are the initiated. Mystics travel the third eye and explore the inner/outerworlds much like the Priestesses do, but they are not known for facilitating rites, rituals and ceremonies as much.

We work with meditation, card readings, journaling, art, ceremonies and rituals in mentorships, all tailored to your personal needs. Each interested person must email and fill out an intake form to ensure we are a good match for each other.

When we’ve worked with each other we have done tarot cards, mutual counselling, and mutual visioning. We’ve done intention setting together, tarot cards and psychic de-cluttering together. I had no hesitation – because I was ready. Greater faith in my intuitive abilities.  More culling and pruning of illusions and greater alignment with my soul’s purpose. – Nuzla

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Hi, I’m Serafina Christine. I am someone who has walked this life with a bend to the spiritual from an early age. My days are spent literally walking two very different worlds – the ethereal and the physical domain. It’s taken me quite the journey to be able to hold both worlds and sometimes it is still quite a challenge.

When I was in my early twenties I discovered via meditation that part of my soul path is to live in this world as a Priestess and Oracle. In physical reality, in the day to day world most of us experience, in the place we work a job and come home to loved ones, sleep and repeat, that job description is a major “What the f*ck?”.

My early 20 year old self glorified the titles and tried really hard to be a full time Priestess and Oracle. I didn’t know what that even meant! It was only over time I came to know what being these things mean. What they mean in history. What they look like in this world.

My understanding came from the hard knocks of life and the amazing women I have met over my travels and explorations who allowed and showed me the way to be me. And now, I find women are seeking to mentor with me – to grow their spirituality, their connections, their rituals.  And this is something I love more than anything in the world: connecting people to their magic. And their power.

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