How to Identify Black Stones

Ever wonder how to identify the different black stones you might encounter? Or maybe you have one that might be onyx but it might be obsidian?

Here’s my official guide to identifying black stones! This is exactly what I look for in stones when I’m identifying them, so I’ll to this list as I learn more. ๐Ÿ™‚

black obsidian

Black obsidian is heavy and in its polished form is very shiny. In its raw form it has rings formed from volcanic activity and lava flow. It can be confused with onyx depending on the light and finish but usually its easy to tell the difference.

Apache Tears are a form of obsidian and are usually tiny. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one bigger than a quarter, and they have marks on them from lava flow and intense heat. Very distinctive.


Black onyx is typically a flat black in colour and is slightly lighter than obsidian. Metaphysically speaking to me black onyx feels cooler while obsidian contains more fire.


Jet is extremely light, it is the lightest out of all of those mentioned there. The weight alone should be a huge tip off. In fact, when I hold it I find myself wondering if it is a real stone because that’s how light it is! It’s actually believed to be a derivative of wood decaying under intense pressure, hence the lightness. It also is a precursor to coal.

Lodestone is super easy to identify as well. It’s a variety of magnetite and is magnetic. It is one of the heaviest of the black stones and usually more metallic. Lodestone attracts magnetic material to it, while magnetite is attracted to magnets.


Image Source: Dancing With Water

Shungite – there are two types, fancy shungite which is silver in colour and super light in weight, or a low grade shungite which has markings in it because its not pure – meaning there is matrix mixed in with the shungite. The second type of shungite is usually much cheaper than fancy shungite.

black tourmaline collage
Black Tourmaline is easy to identify because its hard, and has striations running up and down its body for the schorl variety or it forms in chunky. It comes in a multitude of forms (mixed with other minerals or by itself) but is very easy to identify because of its unique growth and form. It also comes in all the colours of the rainbow. ๐Ÿ˜€


Forest Thoughts

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a bit of a hard time adjusting to this world.

You see, most people would think I’m quite strange. I probably am, but I also just see the world very differently it seems. I have never really fully understood how the entirety of the human population has come to subscribe to the fact that they must pay for basic needs to live on this Earth, for example.

And by basic needs, I mean, at least where I live, people are paying for water, food, housing, and I’m pretty sure we would pay for air if there was a way to charge how much air you use, deducting the amount of carbon dioxide you produce, of course. And when you can’t afford it for a variety of reasons you are treated like you are the most horrible person in the world, you oscillate between criminal and invisible.

It’s a little hard for me to understand how greed and money can be responsible for the destruction of the planet as we know it. When I wander about the great forests and look at the ocean I can’t help but wonder how someone would think about destroying such a beautiful place. Sure, working with the land to supply ourselves with what we need, I get. I just wonder if the people destroying things ever really take a good look at what they are destroying and let that experience speak to their hearts.

When I go for a walk in the forest I can feel the difference in the air. The smell rejuvenates me and the trees wrap their branches of love around everything including us who walk on their paths. There is no guessing game here. It’s a place that is open to giving us an experience of unconditional love that we seem to have such a hard time finding otherwise. It opens the heart, connects to the third eye, deepens the breath and relaxes the muscles.

And its so beautiful.


Where is Your Greatness?


For a few years now I’ve been following various online teachers who are all about identifying your niche or greatness and capitalizing on it. Over and over again I come across blog posts and emails that are asking about my inner greatness and telling me I have it. They can also help me give that greatness to the world!

And guess what! The world needs it. The world needs me to be great! For a fee, they will help me find my tribe and be great!

Or maybe its part of being a Millennial.ย Everyone tells us we are special and we can do whatever we want.

What they don’t tell us that not everyone is going to be good at whatever we want to do. And not everyone can be whatever we want, especially right away. They also don’t tell us about the amazing amount of work and experience it takes to be the best in our chosen field and the amount of time it will probably take us to reach the greatness that we want to achieve.

Schools aren’t really set up to prepare us for the realities of life or to moving beyond mediocrity. Our society is generally set up so we are more focused on fulfilling our base needs or too tired to pursue bettering each others lives (unless your a lucky philanthropist). Our culture has a general set route for the successful to take – a system in place to keep us in the system and not let us out so easy.

Maybe it was my youth and naivety that led me to believe I could somehow get out of this system and live the life I really want to live (it involves living in the forest. With bees, and flowers, and crystals. And a round house. With a room just for spiritual activity. And an ocean nearby.).

Maybe it was just one of those factors or maybe it was all three combined that led me to feel this weight of being great, maybe like it is a mandatory thing to the human experience, like if I want to make a difference I need to let this greatness out.

I knew a long time ago that a more traditional life was not what I wanted. I didn’t want to be another cog in the wheel of a system of oppression via discomfort, stress, and in general dysfunction.

Eventually I found people who were all about Lifestyle Design and I tried really really hard to design my lifestyle and create it. I haven’t been successful at that yet for the past eight years because it takes just the right skill sets, knack, training and initial investment with a mix of investment and knowing what you are doing. I’ve had to learn all of that.

I’m not saying all of this because I am depressed or cynical or angry. I am saying this because a few days after I injured my back this is part of the process I went through. This thought process led me to a big shift in my life. I decided that I would give up on my greatness.

Most of my stress and anxieties in life have come from me trying to be great, or trying to make my greatness happen, or trying to fit in, or trying to do something different from what is laid out in the moment of life, or whatever.

And then I had a conversation with my greatness that kind of went like this:

Me: I’m going to give up on you.ย 
Greatness: Why? I’m here.ย 
Me: I know. But I can’t seem to unlock you so I’m going to at least let go of you.ย 
Greatness: Greatness is not something that is meant to be obtained. The greatness that resides in you is already there and will shine of its on accord when you are ready.ย 

I came to realize in that moment that even though I see a lot of people achieve greatness or success in their lives, and even though I can compare my greatness to theirs, their greatness is not my greatness. My particular brand of greatness is not going to come from running a multi-dollar corporation, or saving the world, or inspiring millions – at least not yet.

My greatness will simply be uncovered living my life with grace and presence.

And if that is all my greatness requires, then why stress out about the things I’m trying to achieve?

In that moment I lay down my goals as I used to have and opened up a new way of aspiring and flowing in my life to get to where I want to go. Because I tried doing it the way we are “supposed to”, and now, I’m doing it my way.


I did a quick chart of the way I’m moving to operating my life. ๐Ÿ™‚


I feel like we are moving more towards that as a culture, or at least the women I know who do powerful businesses and teach Priestess work, but its not a norm yet. It’s taken a lot of reprogramming and self acceptance to be okay with the way I want to live my life, that I can live my life that way, and with a little bit of visioning, acceptance and patience I can allow it to manifest too. ๐Ÿ™‚

What do you think? Where is your greatness hiding?


The Universe Changes the Game Again!

It’s been exactly two weeks of recovery time since I hurt my back at work. And boy, did that injury ever send me for a loop!

Sometimes that happens. The Universe lets us make all the plans we want but ultimately it comes down to what is happening in the present moment, not the future. It’s not the past either. It’s simply the present moment we have to attune to and make choices from.

So what have I been doing for two weeks?

I’ve been slowly working my way through this books which reads like a meditation textbook:


I was shocked for a few days after the injury happened. There was no pre-cursor, just suddenly extreme pain as my back seized. I’m young, do yoga, mediate, eat healthy, don’t indulge in drinking or drugs, so as I lay in bed the next couple of days my mind was racing with what this meant.

For me, clarity came over time both physically and in other ways. I cried a lot and let myself cry a lot because I knew that would emotionally cleanse me of the shock of this injury. I was jarred in a deeper state of awareness of who and where I want to go, and also of how I operate and what I value. I felt myself go into a mini-crisis state and called a friend for two hours sobbing because everything was suddenly so vastly unknown including the state of my physical health.

I also did some painting I had been wanting to do for a while:


This was all really good! It may not seem like it, but it reminded me of the value of my body, and what I want to create. It’s taught me a lot about my body and its given me an opportunity to rest and rejuvenate after not really having that time since I arrived in Victoria in November.

And I’m really excited about the small steps forward I’ve made on other personal goals. I could have sat back and moped but after about three or four days I was like “You know what? I might not be able to move very well but I can still do other things I like to do! While my body heals, I will move forward in those ways.”

Looking at it like that I think has helped make this process easier.

I also figured out how to get prints of my artwork done!


When I was first injured I wanted to be able to do things, to make things happen. I would get mad at myself and shame or guilt trip myself mentally, saying I should’ve done this or that. But I had to let that go and go at the pace my body allows me to go at.

When I was first injured I could barely move from my bed. Going for a 15 minute walk was a big ordeal. I had to accept where I was at and work from there. I let go of goals and let myself do what I feel like doing as my body heals (which coincidently is spend a lot of time in bed). ย Now I can’t sit for very long but I can take a decent walk on flat ground. And my reflexes are coming back. My recovery is going well and I feel good about the last two weeks (even though there’s a little voice that keeps trying to make me feel bad for watching (a lot) of TV).

I also investigated a possible career change so I don’t hurt my body any more. I’m kind of scared that returning to work will cause further injury.

I’m still not full healed and I still have to take more time to heal and be able to function like I used to but I also have full confidence that I will be able to function even better than I used to with the new knowledge and experiences I’ve gained. And I feel like I am in better control of my mind and what processes I next want to explore in my life.

I also can’t wait to be able to sit down for a while like normal people! And do normal people things without encountering strange and sometimes painful symptoms! ๐Ÿ˜€

I am a little sad that my gym membership isn’t getting used, but there’s always next month. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I also watched the entire Legend of Korra series. It was awesome. And I love that series.


Crystal Porn

It’s that time again!

Are you ready?



Painite. Source.

According to the source of this picture, Painite is one of the worlds rarest minerals, as per the Guiness Book of World Records and it has only been found in one spot in the world, Indonesia. It has the amazing attribute of changing colour between pinks and browns when viewed from different angles. It seems there may have been a new mine finding in Burma that is making this mineral more available to the layperson.

Metaphysically, this mineral is an amazing chakra opener, alleviates pain on all levels, and aids in reprogramming the subconscious mind by getting rid of subliminal messages. Wow! Helpful little guy!

Peridot in Volcanic Lava

Peridot in Lava

Peridot in Lava. Source is no longer found; on Ebay.

Umm… This doesn’t even look real to me! It certainly is though it has been carved to create this shape. Google has a few more of these beauts. I love it! The mix of textures from peridot to the lava is amazing.


Elephant Carving in Moldavite

Elephant Carving in Moldavite. Source cannot be found.

Who wouldn’t want their moldavite carved into an elephant or some other creature, like a butterfly?

I think this artistry is simply amazing.

Quartz Cluster in the Chicago Botanical Gardens

Quartz Cluster in the Chicago Botanical Gardens

I would love to be walking around the Buchart Gardens here in Victoria and just randomly stumble upon a quartz cluster larger then me. It’d be a pretty great surprise. This photo just put the Chicago Botanical Gardens on my list of go-to places when I go to Chicago (I’ve never really thought about visiting Chicago so its the only thing on my list as of yet!).

Bumblebee Jasper

bumblebee jasper

Bumblebee jasper. Source.

This is a stunning photo of Bumblebee Jasper. Seriously jaw-dropping. We had some in the crystal store I used to work at set in pendants and it didn’t seem to sell well (seems most people stick to what they know like quartz varieties and astrology associated minerals). It’s gorgeous though.

Opal in Skull Ring

Opal Skull Ring

Creator: Kim Eric Lilot Source

This. Is. Simply. Brilliant!!!! I love it! I’d never wear it but I can definitely appreciate its ingenuity and beauty all at once! It’s definitely worth looking at the creators website. There’s a lot of really unique pieces there.



Chrysocolla. Source.

Amazing. Pure Light Hearted Amazing. Chrysocolla is helpful for those wishing to embody Goddess energy and to have heartfelt communication with other Beings. Its a powerful yet peaceful stone for communication. It’s truly, one of my favourites. ๐Ÿ˜‰







The Void

When people come together in the void magic literally happens and both leave changed. Sometimes we are only in the void for a moment. Other times we enter the void for hours.

The void is the space between the worlds. It’s the space we enter when there is only internal emptiness created by the depth of connection between two or more people. This space is where we are able to access some of our deepest truths and draw forth the Soul Parts. The Soul Parts (sometimes) become conscious and allow us to understand more deeply who we are and be recognized by another person.

It sounds crazy, but it is in relationship that some of the greatest growth can happen. When we are in relationship we are taken outside of ourselves. When we are in relationship and we enter the Void together consciously, we not only are taken outside of our tiny perceptions but we also expand at the same time outside of those same perceptions and find our Soul Truth amplified.

It becomes glaringly obvious.

The Void is the best way I can describe this place because I know it only by feeling. It has happened most often when I recognize another as Divinity and open up myself to emptiness. The other can join me, and often when they do, we enter a space together that is timeless. The deeper we go into the space the more we both become literally our Divine Selves. In these sacred moments we receive the deepest truths we need for our lives at present.

Then it is time to go.

And it’s almost shocking when we leave because we realize in those moments, the clock did not tick. The body did not give signals for thirst or hunger. Other people did not notice us, despite being in the same room, nor did we notice them.

Sometimes I’m surprised to find myself there, too. Like the time I went to the Women’s Center and ended up talking with a well-cloaked Priestess. She read me up and down as I looked around. “They can’t see us, honey. But you and I have got to talk.”

She leaned in close to me, and began to tell me about the town I was in and what to expect. She told me about the people who live here, and I began to understand the service she was doing here – unknown by most. Then, it was done, and the Void dissolved around us.

It sounds unhealthy, I know. It’s an altered state of mind that can happen and change your life in one quick moment. I’ve never had it happen long-term, a few hours at most probably. I’m not sure that one could stay in that state long term and be healthy.

I just know that this state does exist, and when I go into it, I love the feeling of it. The interconnection. The timeless and spaceless feeling. The feeling like I am fused into the Greatness of All. I feel plugged in.

The more we talk about these experiences, and the more normalized they become I feel like the more healthy of a society we will become. The more we talk about these experiences the more accepted it becomes for each of us to explore the inner and outer depths of our beings because it is understood that we are more than the physical body.

A healthy human knows themselves. Inside and out. How far either way is up to the individual.


Unveiling the Gift


It never ceases to amaze me the things that people say once they realize they are in a safe space.

The other day at work one of my co-workers joined my team on our break. The three of us were chatting away.

In mid-sentence, S paused, “Oh, what word can I use?”

Abruptly he looked to his right, said “Thank you.” and continued talking as if nothing had happened.

But something had happened! The moment he acknowledged the Being next to him, the Being was unveiled. I saw him flash in and out of physicality with a mischievous grin on its face.

I burst into laughter. I wasn’t sure if anyone else saw what happened but I suddenly had huge insight into S and how he writes such beautiful poetry.

Everyone in the conversation stopped talking and stared at me.

I stopped laughing, and asked S if he had seen the Being he was talking to.

S shook his head, “No.” And kept talking about the previous topic.

About forty five minutes later he walked up to me, and said, “You know, I didn’t see what you saw, but I definitely felt the energy there of someone or something. I think its really intriguing. And I haven’t told anyone this before, but that presence is around a lot.”

I nodded, “Yes, you channel some of their work.”

He nodded back, “Yes, I do. I do that, indeed. I know that.”

I’ve had similar conversations with hundreds of people over the years. People of all ages, races, genders who say similar things – “Yes, I do this and I don’t tell people about it.”. One of the gifts I seem to have is noticing what other peoples metaphysical gifts are. It doesn’t always happen but when it has happened, like the above story, its accurate and it gives the gifted a space to talk about their experience.

I am grateful that I can open up the space for these conversations. I often learn a lot through the energy exchange that often happens during these sharings. But it saddens me too.

When will the world make it normal for people to be more than a physical body? When will it become accepted that there are so many things we do not understand, and that just on our planet alone, thousands of things in the various dimensions including intelligent life? When will we stop treating people like they are crazy if they see something we don’t?

When will we stop telling children that the fairies they see aren’t real? When will we stop telling people to shut up when they are right about our inner workings or thoughts? When will we be okay with the fact that we are in a web of interconnected energy? And that energy has woven itself tightly around each of us?

I want to live in a world where my cellular memory and the culture around me doesn’t terrify me to step into my fullness. I want to live in a world where my gifts are respected – not turned into a charlatans game nor monetized beyond need. I want to live in a world where living in the heart is as equally respected as the mind. I want to live in the world where its not only equally respected, but equally as supported.

I want to live in a world where I don’t meet men in their forties who have for their entire lives denied their spirituality. Or where I won’t meet women in such deep pain because they can’t feel their magic any more. Or where my child will have to carefully be on guard every day of their life. Where we respect each other as much as we respect the Earth to whom we do no harm.

Perhaps its all a little bit of a fantasy. I do like my fantasy as many do. But I have visions of this reality. I see it sometimes in my meditations and sometimes I see glimpses of it in this world – when a mother has the chooses deeper love over frustration, when someone honours another so deeply tears emerge, when a stranger stands up for the helpless in a single moment of connection.

Visions come and go though.

I’m not saying that there is no such thing as mental illness. I am not saying that every vision has validity. I am saying that we have lost an ancient and natural connection to the Oversoul and its truths.


No Waste Lifestyle: Recycling Transition

My first month of living a no waste lifestyle has come and gone!

I’ve definitely sucked at this in some areas of life, ie. workplace while other areas I’ve excelled at. I’ve had to learn a few things and prepare for the lifestyle as well. You may currently find me sometimes in the Value Village scrounging up some cheap reusable bags like this one:


It’s for soft plastics. Because we love the Earth. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was stoked that it has hearts all over it!

I’ve been learning that I need to carry more with me so I have to figure out ways to do that without feeling like I’m a twelve year old or just weighed down by a massive amount of stuff. This is just about getting the right tools like a backpack, proper reusable containers and the such (mason jars aren’t cutting it any more).

Here’s what I’ve learned this month:

  1. This is actually much easier than I thought. I don’t know if its because I was already living fairly environmentally friendly comparatively or if it is because I live in such an awesome city, but it’s surprised me how easy it really easy to be waste free in Victoria, BC.
  2. You can recycle a lot – just not foil or waxed paper. I did some research and found out that for pretty much everything household that is not recyclable in the pick up service the city has there’s a place you can go to and drop off everything else! This is preeeeetty exciting! So I’ve started to collect soft plastic in the heart bag (because we love the Earth!) to recycle it. Soft plastic was one of my biggest concerns so it was one of the quickest things I’ve changed.
  3. Mostly it comes down to the proper tools. I find that I will order a samosa at the deli where I work often, and its rare for me to have a container to put it in. Then it comes wrapped in wax inside a foil bag. I have trouble remembering to bring an extra food container (never mind that I only own one, beyond mason jars). It’s been super helpful buying reusable bags and putting them in the most random spots so that I always have them, and now I’m going to do that with containers and mason jars too.

Action Plan for This Month:

  1. Buy a couple more glass containers and some wool balls for the dryer.ย  Wool is not a vegan option, which I am, therefore this is not the best thing to invest in.
  2. Figure out what happens to clothes when they are beyond wearable & how to dispose of them correctly.
  3. Print out recycling do’s and don’t’s to put on fridge.
  4. Research plastic paint tubes – recyclability? Reusability? Sustainable ways to paint with acrylic?
  5. Study work’s recycling system and see if it needs to be implemented at my house. They only have about 7 different bins with picture and word guides for staff to recycle their stuff in. It’s amazing how many people don’t read and through their stuff in the trash. I wonder what would happen if the trash bin disappeared? Would people read and sort their trash accordingly?

Interesting links

David Suzuki has this cool guide
If you live in Europe check out this fair trade phone – the phone is fair trade, built to last, repairable by the consumer
Wonderbagย ย – this is a portable slowcooker, and on Amazon has 443 reviews giving it 4 stars (wow!). When you buy one the company donates one to a woman in need.
To Go Cutlery – I’m actually really stoked about this because they are travel size, come with the holder, and chopsticks, and are only $15. I have one coming to a local store for me and I can’t wait!
Safe Chocolate Brands – A list of chocolate brands that are child slavery free.

Remember, part of no waste is using what you have and only buying what you need (I kind of suck at this sometimes). It’s mental shift. It gets easier over time (and if you don’t watch commercials or read newspapers or otherwise ingest a lot of advertising which I find seduces me into needless consumerism).


So Purkh: Day 180 Update

180 days.

6 months.

I was never planning on chanting So Purkh for so long. I don’t think any of the meditations I’ve done have been for nearly so long. Every time I came across a milestone I would check in with myself to see if it was time to stop chanting and every time I was told “Keep chanting.”.

So I have.

I’ve found strange ways of making So Purkh fit into my life. It’s brought with it ecstatic experiences and feelings I didn’t even know I had. I have witnessed it teaching me something new almost every week. There are phases. Sometimes the phase is more external or more internal. Sometimes there’s lots of anger or grief or sometimes a lot of gratitude.

So Purkh has a wisdom of its own that speaks to the experiencer of the meditation. The voice is subtle but it can be seen weaving its way through the sinews of the body slowly eradicating all unneeded stored belief systems or traumas. It draws to me the tools I need to get to where I want to go faster and lets me stand stronger internally. I am not nearly as reactive as I once was and when I do react its often a sign of a trigger I can take a step back at and look at.

I have found that sometimes I’m all about chanting and other times I can’t bring myself to chant it at all. Those days that I can’t I simply listen to it, or fall asleep with it playing. I let it be what it is: sometimes I fall asleep while listening to it, and I know that the energy is still flowing in my life because I’ve dedicated that time for it. I’ve shown up to So Purkh. I’ve come despite internal resistance and sometimes great tiredness. All I can do is listen in that moment.

Over the past five weeks I have also been chanting with a group of women in my community through a once a week yoga course dedicated to So Purkh. Its been really interesting to notice that every one seems to go through similar phases: boundaries, asking for needs, men revealing their true colours, etc. Of course, there are variations of experience within these broader themes, but the similarities are glaring.

I have no idea when I’m going to stop chanting, but I’m going to keep going until it feels complete. Oi!


Crystal Porn – Love Edition ~ Engagement Rings

So, I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about this, but the whole must have diamond thing for engagement rings is basically a marketing ploy as told by this entertaining video here. Before diamonds were sold to us via an extremely effective marketing campaign in the early 1900s I’ve read there are other stones that have been used to signify love or engagement when desired.

I personally think a diamond would be really cool but I would want to make sure the diamond is ethically mined and suits my needs and desires of what properties I want and what I want it to symbolize. To me, a diamond doesn’t represent love.

What does?

Well.. I’m so glad you asked!


This ring is gorgeous in my opinion. Morganite has a soft spot in my heart as well. I used it very effectively in my self-love reprogramming and found it to be very calming and subtle yet powerful. It is a stone that is known to resonate with Divine Love, and helps the wearers to find balance within themselves, open their hearts, and tap into the Divine Love flowing around us all the time.


Oh Ruby!

Rubys are signs of protection, wealth and often passion. They help protect the household and the wearer psychically, and are well known to increase passion and romantic love. They are beautiful, and if cost is an issue, check out the two source links for these guys – you might find they are in your budget. But I do like the raw rubies. ๐Ÿ˜‰



Also if you want to learn more about ruby lore, this page is very informative.

But red’s not your colour? How about green!


Peridot is a stone of happiness. It has the capability to increase prosperity, love, and joy inside of your life. It opens up the heart chakra and alleviates feelings of guilt and shame. It’s a light-feeling stone that helps increase self-esteem as well.


That above these words is Tanzanite with Raw Diamond made by a person in Oregon on Etsy. Her rings are all amazing. Go check her out following the Source link above. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tanzanite is one of my favourites (as most minerals are!)! While Tanzanite is usually used to help one increase psychic abilities, it opens the higher heart. The higher heart deals often with how we respond to the outside world and how our soul purpose manifests in the world (in my opinion). It aids in speaking your hearts truth and in relieving worry or doubts. It also can rebuild trust.

This ring above is made of Tanzanite, Kunzite and sterling silver, making it a very affordable ring for anyone.


Oh my goodness. Kunzite is another favourite of mine, lol. Kunzite is soothing, aids breaking down emotional walls and letting go of fears. It’s often helpful for women who have or want children. It aids in allowing one free expression of feelings.

I could go on and on, but if I were shopping for an engagement ring I would ask myself, what does the relationship represent to me? What do I want the relationship to hold for me? And what do I want to draw into the relationship?

I would take the top two properties (maybe three) and seek out a stone that is known best to represent that.

You can also go totally intuitively about it as well. It’s all up to you!

P.S. Also, if you can, try to find a local jeweller. It’s always good to support local businesses but most local jewellers I know will be able to tell you where the stone comes from, and its properties as well as having recommendations for stones that fit your needs. ๐Ÿ™‚