Readings for Magical People

My tarot readings are for the whimsical, weird, and magical people. I love to work with the mystics and mages, the magic makers and change makers, the forest dwellers and ocean swimmers. It’s my pleasure and delight to be of service through my I AM.

If you are one of the misunderstood magical people of the world you have come to the right place to discover your path.

A tarot reading with me will:

  • Tell of the current energies surrounding you
  • Give validation on your next steps
  • Give you a map to guide you
  • Need spiritual guidance to arrive where you want to be

And if you are one of the ones with deep questions on your soul path, we can channel the Akashic Records, Ascended Masters and other guides. While my main clientelle are Priestesses and Magic Makers, I have worked with changemakers, priests, wizards, faye and many more. I’ve read past lives, stargates, crystals, akashic records, activations and more.

Every reading with me is customised to the needs of the client appropriately, including the spreads used in the tarot readings.

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The More You Ask the More You Get – Sample questions for readings:

What are the lessons being presented to me and how can I move forward from them?

How can I break the cycles on repeat in not only my life, but my lineage too?

What are my next steps to get to where I want to go and who I want to be?

Is this next step truly in alignment with who I am?

I look forward to meeting you magical one.


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20170709_114140My name is Serafina Christine and if those are some of the questions pressing you, a tarot reading with me will give you clarity, validation and permission to fully embrace your life and direction. I’ve been giving readings for over a decade from the middle of Canada to the Pacific, from the tips of beautiful BC to the ends of California State. I’ve worked in festivals, markets, tea shops, on the road, online, by phone and I have clients calling again and again for years. I love working with the magi, priestesses, sovereign seeking beings, the ones with visions and the old souls, ready to take flight and put fire to this world.

“This is SO BANG ON ITS MORE BANG ON THAN BANG ON.” – K. T. in Victoria, BC

“I have had several readings from Serafina Christine and each has been very accurate and detailed.  I am so grateful for the insight and support that she has given me at points in my life when I really needed it.  Much gratitude!!! ”

– Testimonial from Ellissa P. in Vancouver BC

“I have had the wonderful opportunity to receive many services from Serafina Christine including intuitive readings, Reiki healing sessions, sampling of her gem elixirs and space clearing. Serafina’s readings have always been extremely helpful and provide insight into current situations in my life as well as providing me with something to look forward to in the near future. She receives clear and accurate information which I have often later reflected to be true months later.

A healing session with her is always filled with a loving energy that is extremely supportive and nurturing. I’ve had many sessions where she intuitively places crystals on and around my body and is able to communicate with them and explain what messages they may have for me. Each healing session has been exactly what I needed at the time, some gentle and some more intense and profound healing occurs. I’ve even had experiences where Serafina has been able to tune into some past lives that are affecting my current situation…

… I highly recommend anyone who is searching for deeper meaning on their journey to make a connection with Serafina as she will receive guidance on how to help you the best, and it will be everything you need at the time, delivered to you abundantly with love and light! :)”

– Testimonial from Lori P. in Victoria B.C.