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{21.40 Meditation} Completion & the Next One: Eyeglass Traatik for Irritation

Oh how glad I am that this week we finished the See Your Horizon meditation. We finished February 14th, ironically. {Follow me on IG for up to the minute updates}

It brought up some really interesting and illuminating things in my inner life. My heart hurts a lot right now. I am glad that we are moving onto a new meditation and I am also a bit scared.

These meditations are so powerful at shaking things up inside and so potent in changing the way we perceive the world. This next one might be challenging. It’s always hard to pre-judge because we don’t know how a meditation will impact us until we do it.

All I know is that in the first three meditations, it’s turned out the 21 Stages of Meditation is more potent than I thought it would be! I was like “I have nothing else to do and I need inspiration!” and then we began and I was like “HOLY MOLEY WE HAVE SHIFTS HAPPENING! ALL SPIRIT, BODY, AND MIND ON DECK! THANK YOU!”.

While I am still in process from the last meditation I am going to continue with the next meditation. The first 4 meditations inside of each journey of 7 meditations are setting our inner capacity to hold and sustain the more ecstatic nature of the last three meditations in a set.

Here’s the next meditation challenge: 

Stage: Irritation

Meditation: Eyeglass Traatik

Official Start Date: February 18, 2018

Get the video here.

Get the PDF: Eyeglass Traatik

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