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{21.40 Meditation Challenge } Day 22 – Gifts of Resistance

This week has been pretty interesting in my internal and external world.

I’ve noticed a lot more resistance inside my meditation practice which I find interesting. The earlier I do it in the day the better it is. Otherwise, I have found myself putting of the meditation later and later and later. Which is odd, because I was loving it until one day I was just like “Ugh.”

There are two ways that resistance works. Resistance can be a sign that you’ve received what you need from the meditation. Or it can be that your ego is creating resistance to the changes you are bringing into your psyche. Both types are very distinctive in the way they feel. When you experience resistance you can ask it, while you are meditating, “Does this resistance mean I am complete with this meditation right now?”.

If you get a yes, let go of this practice.

These practices are deep work.

Sometimes the resistance is part of your subconscious protecting you from something that one day you will deal with when you are ready. Until then, there are other meditations and other ways you can shift your life that are probably more in alignment to what you need right now.

If you get no answer, or a distinct feeling that you need to keep going, keep going. This is the best possible place to experience the resistance to whatever change is happening inside of your psyche. And you know what?

I guarantee you that the resistance you experience in your meditation you are experiencing out in your life somewhere, probably not evening noticing it. It is in your meditation practice that you can do the hard work of transmuting the resistance to something higher: a lesson, a hope, healing, love, maturity, whatever its higher form is.

The latter resistance is what I have been experiencing. It’s not easy to show up every day when you don’t want to. It’s not easy to do something for even ten or fifteen minutes when your mind is telling you to be everywhere else and that there are so many things to do – often, in reality, distractions.

It takes commitment to your personal growth and to your practice to show up every day and still sit down and do the meditation. It takes faith in the practice that it is shifting you. It takes will power to keep yourself still despite all the distractions around us.

These things are beautiful qualities that you cultivate the more you choose to do you, and be you. Each time you meditate through the resistance, know, you are giving yourself a gift that brings with it so much transformation and power.

Kudos to you, beautiful soul.

As Yogi B says, “keep up and you will be kept up”.

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