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{21.40 Meditation Challenge} Completion & Happy New Year!

I want to wish you all a happy new year! May the new year bring you all the goodness, revelations and learning you crave for!

The holidays totally swept me off my feet with the busyness of it all, and it was a challenge to keep up meditating and posting here, so before we close off the year, here is the update for the first 21.40 Meditation challenge we wrapped up on December 29th.

Meditation: Meditation to Conquer Upset
Length: 11 minutes, 40 days

I really did not like this meditation. I didn’t like the feeling. I didn’t like doing it. I found myself frequently avoiding this meditation and procrastinating it. My husband said this meditation seemed to make me more irritable.

I found the meditation was definitely moving energy. Every time I sat through it I could feel the energy rising in my spine and my hands would vibrate. I would end the meditation in an altered state. And even though there was this super cool effect I didn’t like doing the work with the meditation. This is a tell-tale sign to me that this meditation is good for me, and to return at a later date. I have some work to do with the energy this meditation instigates for me.

Big realizations for me was how I use being upset as a power play (inherited family dynamic) and this awareness has shifted the way I think about being upset, and how I choose to be when I am upset. I am still figuring this out though. This is a process of witness, evaluation, and choice. Sometimes I shift my energy successfully and sometimes I don’t. I think I also became more aware of things that actually cause me distress – usually mentally – and that I need to make shifts in dealing with these things so I can be more calm and happy.

Overall, this meditation was a success! I am really looking forward to our next one, “See Your Horizon” which is about conquering boredom. Starts January 3rd with an online class. Sign up to my email list if you want to¬† join and get the details.

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