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{21.40 Meditation Challenge #2} See Your Horizon Day 8

Dreamy. Spacious. Expansion. Creative.

Those are the words I would use to describe my experiences with this meditation so far. Every time I leave the meditation I feel happy, gentle, and spacious. I feel like I am floating and I more present than I was when I first sat down to meditate.

This meditation is so enjoyable for me I look forward to doing it every day. Some days I find it easier than others for sure. My mind races as I begin, but usually after the meditation I feel restored to myself again.

Sometimes I can feel the tingling in my hands and my head. Sometimes I can feel the energy in my spine shoot up as I pull tight the mulbandh. Often I feel the heat in my head and energy moving around my crown energy.

I did some experimenting with the meditation too. I really like doing this meditation on my lunch break at work, and I really like doing it right before bed. I notice when I do it at work, my day is less stressful in general, and I feel happier. When I do it right before bed I notice I have vivid dreams. The first time I did it immediately before bed I had a dream about my personal dharma!

I also notice while I meditate I get a lot of ideas passing in and out of my head. I feel like my subconscious mind gets sorted really quickly and leaves behind the good ideas to move forward with in my life. It’s very interesting.

I think it does that because it is the meditation that is to move us out of the boredom stage – it opens up your mind and soul to the implementation of who you are.

How is this practice for you?

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