Yogini Challenges

chakrasOr Yogi Challenges.

Here are the various challenges that I’m up to because I like to challenge myself! Sometimes I can complete the challenge and sometimes I can’t. To me its all experiential and all is learning.

Here’s what I’ve got going on right now!

I dare you to join me.

Current Challenges:

21.40 Meditation Challenge 

Past Challenges: 

Healing Fear of the Future (Dhan Dhan):  40 Days.

Get Rid of Insecurity: 40 Days.

Ra Ma Da Sa: 40 Days.

Releasing Childhood Anger: 40 Days. 

So Purkh: 40 Days. 170 days.

Healing Ancestral Karma: 40 Days.

Grace of God: 40 Days.

Kirtan Kriya: 120 Days. Completed at 143 Days. 

I completed 143 days, and feel complete with this meditation. There are still people doing it though! Join the Kirtan Kriya group on Facebook!

Prosperity Meditations: 120 Days. Complete. Completed at 160 days. 

I have completed the challenge for 120 days. I’ve seen lots of changes in my life that I will write about soon and link to here. You can join the Prosperity Meditation group if you want for more details on them!

Daily Sadhana at 4 AM: Failed. 

After five days, and after the White Tantric Yoga Workshop I slept for 12 hours and straight through my alarms. And again the next day. This completed this challenge… For now…

Alkaline Diet: Failed. 

Wanted to do this for six months. I failed the day after I stated in my blog that I would do it for six months.