{21.40 Meditation Challenge} See Your Horizon Day 15

Well, we are 15 days into the meditation challenge and I am still just loving this one! I feel so light and dreamy after I do it.

I’ve started to note in my journal the following:

  • Ideas flow more easily to me, and they all appear to be quite fantastic
  • Confirmation of the ideas that I have that I think I could pull off
  • A sense of growing confidence in myself and the ideas I have
  • As of the last couple of days a growing understanding of the timeline of said ideas and making them a reality AND comfort with the timeline
  • There’s no sense to rush to complete the ideas. It’s more an understanding that the ideas I want most can – and will – happen with my confidence and dreaming mind.

Despite all these great things I find that outside of the meditation time I’m like “How will I ever do half of these wonderful ideas?”. Inside meditation time I’m like “Oh my god. This is SO FREAKIN’ POSSIBLE! OMG! I HAVE A PLAN!”.

I think this meditation is really beneficial for people who are super creative and have trouble completing projects because of all the ideas they constantly are getting. In the meditation, when I see the timeline, the projects become ordered and building on one another so they eventually support themselves and the next thing. It’s actually really cool. I’ve been making notes in my journal on the timeline because I find it just gives my mind a chill out pill.

“Look mind, we talked to the Soul, and the Soul indicates we do it in this order because this makes sense in the bigger picture. Got it?”

Mind, begrudgingly, “Fine. If you say so. Jerk. OOO! Shiny thing!”

I do have these conversations in my head often, so just thought I’d share that with you. See! Confidence building happens in this meditation! It’s so cool!

If you aren’t on the newsletter list, I sent this quote out that I absolutely love from Yogi B. It’s in the 21 Stages of Meditation book:

“Everybody wants to be in samaadhi. They see this as the ultimate, perfect stage of the Perfect One. But do you know the truth of that state? It is a complete living infinite boredom. I do not understand what these people are doing. What is samaadhi? That is an absolute stage of boredom in which Almighty God was, which is why He created the Earth and all this creation.

… You are a light of God;  God created the Universe out of boredom. He couldn’t remain bored. So how, when the One who cannot be bored, can His unit of creation – you – possibly be bored?”

I just love thinking about the Universe being so bored but feeling so good that the Universe was like “I GOTTA MAKE ALL THE THINGS TO ENTERTAIN ME!”.

One of the meditations we do much later in this course is a meditation specifically designed for us to enter the state samaadhi. It works. I did it in our last teacher training for these meditations and I loved it. It was one of my favorites, but it was also not the last meditation. There are more stages to go through, more states of consciousness to live from, more places to be than samaadhi. And those stages are pretty great.

I feel like this meditation and this phase really starts the prep in our neurology and our thinking to enter into states of happiness, joy and samaadhi. This excites me so much!

Remember, it’s never too late to join us and to start meditating.

Even 2 weeks of meditation changes how you experience life. 40 days just means the seed of consciousness from this meditation is firmly planted in your consciousness and can grow with proper love and care. Join the challenge here, and stay in touch by signing up for my newsletter below. I touch base once a week there.

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