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Q&A: Why is there so much conflicting information in the New Age World?

It’s Q&A time! Someone asked me this, and here’s the answer. Feel free to send me an email asking me anything about spirituality/new age/crystals and I just might answer it!

Why is there so much conflicting information in the New Age World?

Many of the conflicted answers in the intuitive world (grid making, energy healing, meditation, healing with gem stones are what I consider part of the intuitive world) happen because we are dealing with intuition and energy.

Intuition and energy work on the Universal Laws and as long as you abide by the Universal Laws whatever you do with energy (and there is A LOT of possibilities) is possible.

When we are taking instructions from another inside this realm the instructions received are at the level from which the practitioner receiving them can both receive and relay that instructions. Some practitioners will also influence the instructions with their intention/ego.

Once you understand the basic fundamentals of how to work with energy and what it means to work with energy you can easily create your own and find methods that work for you that are in alignment with your I AM Presence or Highest Self – you receive information from them intuitively.

From my training and from my experiences in this world I have found that there are certain methodologies and systems that work best for different personalities/energetic systems. It is through trail and error of getting to know yourself best which methodologies or systems you choose to adapt and utilize to suit your particular needs.

It helps to find a teacher who you resonate with to start your learning journey with. As you get more adept at knowing your intuition, and where your heart lies, you can follow it to the teachers you need and let it even teach you.

Also, it is through trail and error you learn about the Universal Laws. I’m not sure if Athena has a video on them, but I’m sure you can find them somewhere online or in a book or something..

Much love ~ Many blessings